Episode 4

Broadcast: 12/03/2009 - This episode has now expired

Name: Ana Derham
Idea: Bags Of Fashion.com
Investment: €150,000
Equity: 30%
Location:Malahide, Co. Dublin

Product: Women's luxury accessories to buy or borrow: they choose! Bags-of Fashion points is a web-based business run from home, it offers the purchasing customer real retail value for the goods being purchased which will not suffer alterations due to premise's lease costs and many other over-heads often associated with the normal carry out of business from a physical retail store. A woman will now have the possibility of hiring several different bags/accessories, thus keeping her up with the trends throughout the year at a fraction of the cost.

Came up with Idea: Ana picked up the idea in 2007 when she was travelling in America was talking to different people about various trends.

Personal Information: Ana is a young entrepreneur, who was never exposed to entrepreneurship until a previous business partnership went wrong. She could not wait to go out and do it again on her own. Within a month or so from the failure of the previous project she was researching her next one. Up until then she had what one could consider a 'safe' life; worked for 6 years for a Government Agency in London, got married started a family and continued studying for personal development reasons. Ana had an opportunity to invest in property development overseas when she sold her apartment in London and has slowly been working on that project too. Due to her overseas commitments at the time and most recently this project, she felt that she had to put her studies on hold for a while. Ana has been studying for a Barrister at Law Degree. She also likes music, dance, reading & cinema - she'll be starring in a friend's movie next year! She like tennis, adores cooking & loves traveling the world and exploring different cultures!


Name: Cathal Leonard
Idea: Tilego
Investment: €60,000
Equity: 15%
Location: Roberstown, Co. Kildare

Product: Tilego is a device that makes the art of tiling, easier, cheaper, faster, safer. Wall tiling involves nailing a wooden batten to the wall to secure the tiles until they have set. Once set the batten is removed, and the tile is cut to fit at the bottom of the wall, bath, shower. Putting nails into a bathroom wall is not a good idea, and often results in serious damage to the building. Tilego solves this problem in one kit.

Came up with Idea: A tilers tale is often a lonely one, working solitarily in someone's house while they go about their daily business. Well such was the case when Cathal had a eureka moment, standing in a bath tub in wimbledon, trying to hammer a wooden batten onto a wall in order to continue his tiling job. Try as he did to hammer this batten to the wall it would not stay, this was an old house with brick walls, he had nearly fixed it a few times only to be frustrated by that last nail, bouncing out and the whole piece would have to be re-fixed. He was running out of plaster and he was running out of wall. Tiles in fact date back as far as 880 BC but the technique of fixing them to walls has not changed since then or so it seems. Cathal realized there had to be a better way. Fortunately having a mechanical engineering background Cathal had the rough concept of his invention within a few minutes.

Personal Information: Cathal spent two years doing Mechanical Engineering, Bolton Street. He started in business properly in London at the age of twenty one, he had his own company and factory designing, manufacturing, and selling hand made children's furniture. Cathals customers included Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Brown Thomas, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Prince Charles to name a few. Cathal then moved on and got a job as a marble mason/ tiler. He moved to San Francisco where he had his own company installing computer networks, successful in it's time but sadly hit by the dot com crash. Cathal then moved back home to Ireland, started PIIinfotech Ireland (business development manager) outsourcing IT to India with semi state Indian software company, opened by Minister of finance. Cathal now drives a taxi to pay the Bills and works on Tilego full time.

Outcome: Gavin invested ¤60,000 for 35% share of the company

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Name: Adrian Channing
Idea: Grasscarver
Investment: €50,000
Equity: 40%
Location: Bettystown, Co.Meath
Web: www.grasscarver.com

Product: This is a product that looks like a skateboard in the traditional sense but what makes it different is that it can go on rough ground and is not confined to smooth pavements or tarmacs. This product also 'carves beautifully', i.e. turning and steering the device.

Came up with Idea: After years of taking his son away on snow boarding trips Adrian was finally convinced to take to the snow and never looked back! He became hooked and longed to find somewhere in Ireland that he could snowboard on his down time. Unable to find somewhere suitable that gave him the freedom of snowboarding on a mountain, he looked to land and alternative devices. With very little success in matching the experience, he took to the drawing board and began trying out and designing his very own board that would replicate the feeling. After two years of many different prototypes and designs he feels he's finally hit on the model that works.

Personal Information: Semi retired after 30 years in Industry. Adrian is 54 and he loves snowboarding. He loves designing, developing and creating and he is happy working as part of a team.


Name: Pat Sheridan
Idea: Car Kneeler
Investment: €60,000
Equity: 10%
Location: Ballina, Co.Mayo

Product: The Car Kneeler is a unit to lean on so both hands are free so can work on your car. There is a swivel headed light on it (turns 180 degrees) so you can see what exactly your doing. When you lean at the side of a car by the wheel it will light up the whole wheel.

Came up with Idea: Pat first came up with this idea when he was working on a job and got about 6 punctures within 2 weeks and it was bad weather so it came from that.

Personal Information: 53 year old father of 3. Enjoys walking and travelling. Pat is self employed.

Minor Pitch

Name: Simon Grant
Idea: Keg Box
Investment: €75,000
Equity: 10%
Location: Warrenpoint, Co.Down
Web: www.keg-box.com

Product: Keg Box delivers draught beer at a temperate of 2-3 degrees without the need for electricity. Because of this it's totally mobile and is ideally stated in sports stadiums, outdoor catering, smoking rooms etc.

Came up with Idea: As a publican Simon has seen a rise in parties at home, weddings and various functions in people's gardens. There was an opening to serve draft beer at these parties but with conventional beer coolers they require electric and setting up. Simon first seen the kegbox in America and seen this product was the answer to the problem. It is mobile, doesn't use electrics to cool the beer, can serve instant cool beer and can take a bit of abuse in the Irish weather.

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