Episode 3

Broadcast: 05/03/2009 - This episode has now expired

Name: Eddie O'Brien
Idea: The Hangout
Investment: €75,000
Equity: 15%
Location: Thurles, Co.Tipperary
Web: www.thehangout.ie

Product: The Hangout is a cross between a gazebo and a clothesline. Its target market is anyone that has a garden and a washing-machine. It can save them money, time, and the environment. It also doubles up as a desirable piece of furniture It has various marketing routes that can be exploited. It amalgamates three things into one, the clothesline the garden furniture and the tumble-drier.

Came up with Idea: It started as a shed with a clothesline and developed to what it is now, and there are lots more developments to the hangout to come.

Personal Information: Eddie is married with 2 children and previously was an electrician for 15 years and last year decided to make a change.

Outcome: Niall and Bobby at 20% each

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Name: Paula Rabbitte and Fiona Forde
Idea: The Fashion Shed
Investment: €100,000
Equity: 15%
Location: Galway

Product: The Fashion Shed is currently pioneering a change in the way that fashion is purchased in Ireland. They are distinctively different in that they are the only website that provide a personal service. The fashion shed has its own unique brand of clothing which is not available anywhere else. They have two systems which customers can avail of one is the online store the other is through a styling party where they send one of their fully trained stylists to your home for you and your friend to have an evening of personnel styling. The fashion shed clothing range is available for the customer to buy on the evening.

Came up with Idea: Paula came up with the idea for the Fashion Shed about a year ago. Before that she was designing and selling her stock into boutiques across Ireland and early last year she was finding it difficult to get payment from them. Paula knew people were buying the stock from the boutiques she was supplying, so she decided to cut them out and go directly to the customers herself. Paula's own friends come to her house to buy the dresses from her all of the time and that is how the styling parties started. She always had planned to build an online store. Paula has two separate companies she designs, supplies and manufactures the stock, that company is called the shed. It was when she was doing the styling parties that she met Fiona and she was really interested in the whole set up. So they formed the company The Fashion Shed which is the online store and the styling parties. The name the shed/the fashion shed came about as a joke. Paula's aunt asked where was she was planning on storing all the clothes and she replied her Mum and dads shed...(as her house is quite small).

Personal Information: Paula Rabbitte has studied Art and Design, marketing, HR and purchasing and material management. She also worked for five years in her mothers promotions and merchandising company and has a vast experience in sales. Fiona Forde worked and managed her father grocery store. She is a talented stylist and has a keen interest in keeping up to date with all events in the Fashion industry. Both of the girls enjoy keeping fit.


Name: Colin Carroll
Idea: Paddy Games
Investment: €100,000
Equity: 10%
Location: St.Lukes, Cork

Product: The Paddy Games intends not only to reshape the nature of sports as they are currently understood but also to rival the London Olympics by becoming its 'little brother'. The Paddy Games would run over a weekend in an Irish city in August 2009, accepting participants who wish to represent their country in a range of sports. The Paddy Games intends to re-shape the nature of sports as they are currently understood. While in the orthodox Olympics people run forwards, in the Paddy Games, for example, people run backwards, are three legged and even crawl. In the orthodox Olympics athletes engage in swimming strokes like the butterfly or partake in aesthetically pleasing high diving. By contrast, at the Paddy Games, to celebrate difference, athletes engage in the more natural doggy paddle and high dive belly flop.

Came up with Idea: Colin came up with idea live on air while chatting to Chris Evans on BBC Drivetime where he was the Sports Guy of the week. In brief, at the time (and still) he was considering taking up Synchronised Swimming and becoming Irelands first male synchro sqwimmer... but Synchro Swimming competitions are only for women - clear sex discrimination. Colin mentioned how he is an enormous fan of Katie Taylor (Ireland and world champ boxer) who is fighting to having female boxing in Olympics and how he equally will be fighting to have male synchro swimming in Olympics. Chris and Colin decided, on air, that he should start a sporting cult, hence the Paddy Games.

Personal Information: Colin Carroll graduated with a sports science degree and an interdisciplinary master's degree part-completed at Universities in Belgium, Holland, Spain and England. He was initially involved in event management with Mark McCormack's International Management Group and then joined Transworld International (TWI) in London where he was wholly involved in sports television programming. TWI commissioned Colin's newly formed UK television company, Tele Vox Ltd, to provide sports commentary on more than 160 hours of broadcast television in foreign languages. Colin qualified as a solicitor in 2006 and the enterprise of his new trade may be viewed On the award winning website www.wills.ie Practicing as a commercial lawyer in Fermoy, Co Cork, Colin unites work and leisure, representing sports and media personalities as well as working closely with many television production companies.


Name: Colm Stundon and Pat O'Shaughnessy
Idea:Cosy Curtain
Investment: €50,000
Equity: 15%
Location: Limerick

Product:Cosy Curtain is a product that is fitted in 5 minutes to the wall beside the window on top of the window board. It is not visible when not in use and simply folds vertical and is hidden behind the curtain. A magnet holds it in this position. When in use it is simply folded down and the curtain is folded and placed up on top of it. The heat from the radiator below the window is then transferred to the room and not out through the window.

Came up with Idea: Colm is a Building energy rater and goes around houses assessing them and sees how many people are putting their curtains onto their windowsills and there is moulds growing due to condensation. So he came up with this idea to clarify this.

Personal Information:Colm is a qualified building energy rater working with an auctioneer in Limerick. He feels sick when he sees energy being wasted within the household. Colm has had 6 rental properties in the past and his own home in Limerick. He sold 4 of the rentals last year (in the good times) and bought €750,000 worth of property off plan in Spain which is nearly ready to complete on. He also has a website design company called www.bestwebforyou.com. Colm likes new ideas and can see this one being very popular. It really works and with Building Energy Ratings coming into force from Jan 09 can see SEI allocating a grant for this.

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