Episode 1

Broadcast: 19/02/2009 - This episode has now expired

Name: Eamon Nealon and Patrick J Fitzgerald
Idea: Clean Cash - Cash register cleaning system
Investment: ¤100,000
Equity: 15%
Location: Limerick
Web: http://www.cleancash.com

Their Pitch: "Our system Cleancash.com will kill all germs as soon as the cash drawer is closed. We are looking for ¤100,000 investment in our company. We will now endeavour to answer any questions you may have, thank you".

Came up with Idea: Eamon and Patrick came up with the idea when they noticed how dangerous the retailing and handling of cash can be. They saw dirty money being passed through different hands every day, for example people taking money from dirty clothes or cash wrapped up in used tissues etc. From seeing this they came up with the idea of a cash register that cleans money using UV light.

Personal Information: Eamon currently runs a small business. Has a passion for simple intelligent design and the fact that this will have a beneficial effect on health excites him and he is looking forward to driving this business forward. He is also a part-time/hobby organic farmer (livestock) and this takes up most of his spare time.

Pat is a technically minded guy and has many great practical ideas. Health and Safety is one of his passions. He currently works as a Technician in a water bottling plant. Trains, especially Steam Trains and Engines are his main hobby/interest.


Name: Michelle Power
Idea: Boozeberries - A new Irish berry liqueur
Investment: ¤125,000
Equity: 10%
Location: Tullow, Co.Carlow
Web: http://www.boozeberries.com/

Their Pitch: "We are looking for an investment in Boozeberries of ¤125,000 in return for 10% of the company".

Came up with Idea: Michelle came up with the idea when she was growing herbs and had an abundance of produce one summer. So she started preserving their produce and one of the products was fruit in alcohol. Initially all she was doing was adding value. Michelle started up in her kitchen and went on from there. The product developed into a berry liqueur which sells in Ireland and other European countries. Michelle is hoping to roll it out worldwide.

Personal Information: Michelle and Niall have been married for 18 years and have 2 children. Before Boozeberries she was an organic herb grower, at her home for 5 years, growing and supplying herbs direct to some of Ireland top restaurants such as L'ecrevain and Patrick Guilbaud. As well as this she also conducted courses on weekends on all aspects of herb growing, healing, magic and other related courses.


Name: Kevin Klatt
Idea: Aqua Images - Serviced fish tanks for offices
Investment: ¤100,000
Equity: 20%
Location: Wexford

Their Pitch: "We can supply complete this service (Aqua Images) on a 3year contract for less than a cup of cappuccino, no offence intended to any of the Dragons. I am looking for a ¤100,000 investment in Aqua Images for 20% in the company and I welcome your questions at this time".

Came up with Idea: It was Christmas 1992 when Kevin was cleaning out his fish tank and his son asked him how often he has to do it, he replied 6 to 8 weeks and literally the light went on in his head that there was something in this. Due to work commitments he put the idea on the back-burner for a while and recently began work on it again. For a modest fee, Kevin wants to supply company receptions with fully serviced fish tanks based on a 3 year contract. Kevin believes every office should have one.

Personal Information: Kevin startled dabbling in tropical fish since the age of 10.Kevin has been living in Ireland since 1981. He is married and has 3 grown up children. Kevin has a BA in Communications from small college in Iowa. Two years ago he wrote a novel called "Don't Come Out". He currently owns and runs an Office Equipment Business.


Name: Donall O Connor and Michael O'Donnell
Idea: Pedigree Cattle - A website for the buying & selling of pedigree cattle
Investment: ¤50,000
Equity: 10%
Location: Clare and Limerick
Web: http://www.pedigreecattle.ie/

Their Pitch: "Our aim is for Pedigree Cattle to be the no.1 destination for the farming community in the next 18months. We're here today to look for ¤50,000 of your money for 10% of our company. I'd like to thank you for your time and I will answer any question you have".

Came up with Idea: Pedigree Cattle was thought up through Donall and Michaels own frustration as they both have herds from a young age and have encountered problems such as time being wasted traveling around to view the herds and finding the type of herd they were after. Together they developed a website that solved the problems generally associated with buying cattle. Famers can now register their own pedigree cattle for sale or simply go online to look at other farmers cattle for sale.

Personal Information: Michael and Donall both have farming backgrounds; they both started their own pedigree herd at a young age. Both attended Mountbellew Agriculture College where they studied Agriculture business. In 2005 they graduated with honours degree in Business Studies. Since then Donall has worked for o2 Ireland and worked as an accountant for an electrical retailer. Since 2005 Michael has been a Business Development Manager with Coke Ireland in Limerick.

Outcome: Sean and Gavin invest ¤50,000 in Pedigree Cattle for 15% each.

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