Episode 8: Daithi O Regan

Daithi O Regan

Great, it was a experience I will never forget, going from watching the show to been on it. It was like playing in a big match, you have to perform and leave nothing behind.

Q: Who was the toughest Dragon?
A: I went in remembering that they are only human like everybody else, I found them nice, straight and gave great advice.

Q: Were you nervous?
A: No, I enjoyed it; I was more excited than anything else.

Q: How did you prepare?
A: Got great help from Shannon development and Kerry Technology Park.

Q: Were you surprised by some of the questions?
A: No, I watched all the shows on you tube and was ready for anything, it was key to do the groundwork.

Q: Who was most interested in your idea?
A: All of them, Sarah was most interested because of D.J Carey

Q: Would you have done anything differently?
A: No, it went 100% my way

Q: What does this mean to you personally?
A: Going from working and running business and a production supervisor for 20 years to being unemployed at 40 with three children, it has given me a new life and raised my spirits. Working at something I like and a sport I love is like a dream job, the money will be a bonus.


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