Fiona Byrne

Fiona Byrne

Age: 25

Hometown: Newry, County Down

Career/Qualifications: Masters in Museum Studies. Currently working in the Ulster Museum.

Volunteer Experience: Has done some work with disadvantaged kids - introducing them to computers and technology.

Fiona Loves: Her boyfriend, her family and friends. She loves the simple things in life: tea, chocolate cake and Harry Potter.

Fiona Hates: Seeing people sad or seeing parents shouting at their kids. She dislikes stupid, narrow-minded people and people who complain all the time but do nothing to change their situation.

Fiona feels her strengths are: Her positivity and motivational leadership skills. Her capacity for hard work.

Fiona Believes: 'In goals and striving to succeed, but also in giving a helping hand is it's in your power to do so'.

Interesting Fact: Fiona is a self confessed 'nerd'.

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