Carol Leonard

Carol Leonard

Age: 26

Hometown: Cloghan in Co. Offaly

Career/Qualifications: MA in Human Geography and Children's Rights. Has worked in a large bookstore for the last eight years.

Volunteer Experience: For the last three years has been working with Youth Work Ireland mentoring and tutoring disadvantaged kids and kids with learning disablilities.

Carol Loves: Her family, friends and her partner. She also loves animals, music, reading, travel, cooking, running and trying out new things.

Carol Hates: the word hate (it's so harsh!). She dislikes rude people and people who look down on others.

Carol feels her strengths are: Her drive and determination but primarily her compassion and empathy for others.

Carol Believes: When people need a pick me up they should simply listen to their favourite songs.

Interesting Fact: Carol was born on Christmas Day

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