Aisling Moran

Aisling Moran

Age: 28

Hometown: Glanmire Co, Cork

Career/Qualifications:MA in Advertising

Volunteer Experience: Aisling helped out in a nursing home, worked in a school in Cambodia, an aboriginal eco-retreat, and currently works for a Cork group who help organise community events particularly involving refugees.

Aisling Loves: Travelling, Diving, New Cultures, People.

Aisling Hates: Dishonesty, Racism...and when her brother leaves a buttery knife on the counter.

Aisling feels her strengths are: Her volunteer experience. Her sense of fun and outgoing personality combined with her balance of sensitivity and humour for tough situations.

Aisling Believes: 'By participating in volunteer work and seeing how others live we can gain a greater perspective on life itself'.

Interesting Fact: One of Aisling's favourite places in the world is...a trampoline.

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