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The search for The Ultimate Volunteers

Welcome to a reality show with a difference.

Yes the participants are thrown together (often into hostile or difficult environments), yes there are eliminations which they will all be hoping to avoid, and yes there will be plenty of drama, laughter and tears but - in contrast to other reality competitions - the prize they're all seeking isn't a big pile of money, well paid job or fifteen minutes of fame but rather the opportunity to: give up a year of their life in the service of people less fortunate than themselves...

Last year over 3000 Irish people went overseas as short-term volunteers. They built houses and schools, taught children, planted rain forests and administered healthcare. But - contrary to popular belief - it's actually quite difficult to be selected as a volunteer.

The big aid organizations like Goal, Concern and VSO seek highly skilled graduates, the building charities like Haven, Niall Mellon and Habitat for Humanity require you to raise money to pay your way, and even the independent volunteering agencies like USIT have a very tough application procedure to prevent the wrong people being sent into difficult and delicate environments.

On 'Do The Right Thing' we give a group of Irish men and women the chance to prove they have what it takes to make the grade in the tough, unforgiving world of international volunteering.

This show is - quite simply - the search to find 'The Ultimate Volunteers'

From over a thousand applicants fifty are shortlisted for an assessment weekend in the world famous Barretstown Camp in County Kildare, and there - following a series of tests and monitoring - sixteen (eight men, eight women) are chosen to go forward in the show.

Over the following weeks these people will be trained and tested in all areas of volunteering: Initiative / Leadership / Emotional Strength / Supportiveness etc. and following each test will have the opportunity to decide among themselves which man and which woman leaves the group, until by the end we are left with our two winners: the guy and girl who will have won the most challenging and rewarding year of their lives, traveling together around to world to work on all manner of different projects - all expenses paid.

It's an amazing opportunity to directly affect the lives of many people who desperately need help, it's an opportunity for our two volunteers to learn some truths about themselves and maybe change their view of the world, and it's a chance to give something back...

Basically...it's a chance to do the right thing.

Who will grab it?

Presenter: Lucy Kennedy

Award-winning and hugely popular presenter Lucy Kennedy joins Baz in guiding our volunteers to "Do The Right Thing". Lucy shot to fame during her residence in Ballydung Manor where she co-hosted the top-rated and irreverent "The Podge and Rodge Show" and has since built on this success with a number of hit shows including "Livin' with Lucy", and her own chat show "The Lucy Kennedy Show". Her popularity on our TV screens was confirmed when she was named Ireland's Favourite Female TV Presenter at the TV Now Awards in 2009.

Lucy's partnership with Baz is not just limited to "Do The Right Thing", the increasingly popular pair are the newest voices on weekend radio with their new show "The Weekend Breakfast Show" on RTE 2fm.

Lucy says she is filled with admiration for our volunteers and is really looking forward to seeing how they all cope with the tough challenges ahead of them.

Presenter: Baz Ashmawy

Baz Ashmawy is one of the brightest new stars of Irish television. Best known for presenting the popular and energetic cult travel comedy series "How Low Can You Go?" for RTÉ Two Baz has been making a name for himself as an all-round presenting talent with credits including: "Failte Towers", "Baz's Extreme Worlds" and "Baz's Culture Clash".

Baz and his co-host Lucy Kennedy have also teamed up to bring their unique humour and sense of fun to the radio, presenting "The Baz and Lucy Weekend Breakfast Show" every Saturday and Sunday from 7am-10am on RTE 2fm.

Baz says he is very excited to be part of the "Do The Right Thing" search for Ireland's ultimate volunteer...

Mentor: Anne Maguire

Anne's career in the aid sector began with GOAL with whom she served as Country Director in East Timor and Niger. She was also their Emergency Coordinator for three years responding to major emergencies such as Darfur, Niger, and several major earthquake and famines in Africa and Asia.

Following some years working in the financial and event management sector - Anne returned to the aid sector in the aftermath of this year's devastating earthquake in Haiti, taking a job as Country Director for Haven. She spent six months in this role based in Port au Prince on a full time basis, before returning to Ireland to take up the position as Operations Director for Haven, overseeing the all of the organisation's offices in Dublin and throughout Haiti.

Anne has been chosen as the main mentor to the volunteers participating on Do the Right Thing.






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