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Does God Hate ... ?
Does God Hate ...?RTÉ One, Sunday 10.30pm

Marian Finucane hosts a new series of panel discussions on some of the major issues of our day. Episode one looks at the controversial subject of sex, and its treatment by the various religions and churches.

Exploring four important subjects which have been grappled with by various churches and creeds, over the next few weeks, Marian and her expert panel join with representatives of the main faiths in Ireland, to pose the questions does God hate; sex, peace, women and science? The subjects are debated with passion, commitment and humour as the historical record and ideology of a range of diverse creeds and beliefs are rigorously explored.

In the first programme of the series, the panel of David Norris, David Quinn, Brenda Power and Roisin Boyd debate the beliefs, the philosophy and the practices around the issue of sexuality in the various different churches. Is sex something to be repressed, endured and controlled? Was Christianity's contribution to uphold monogamy or to put women down? Does Islam elevate sexual crime above all others? Is stoning an appropriate response to adultery? And what about the treatment of homosexuality - should Christians beg for forgiveness for the treatment of homosexual believers down the centuries? These are but some of the questions debated.

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Does God Hate Science?

  • Marian Finucane hosts discussions on controversial religious issues. In the final episode of the series, the panel explore the apparent conflict between scientific progress and religion.

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