Advice for first time mums:

Nothing can prepare you for the intense high of your first baby . It's the biggest change and challenge a woman will face. These tips will help you make the most of early motherhood.

Beating the tiredness You will probably miss a night's sleep here and there. The interrupted sleep can be gruelling. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Domestic work can wait. Napping in the day will make the night feeds easier too.

Everyone's keen to help a mum
So don't feel shy to ask for support. Getting out of the house can feel like an ordeal at first, so bring an extra pair of hands with you.

Look after yourself
'You need to eat regular meals to help keep your energy levels high - especially important if you are up in the night feeding,'. 'Make something for supper in the morning when you are not too tired to help guarantee that you eat something later in the day'.

Don't try to be the best
Fear of failing is often linked to post-natal depression (PND). This condition is different from the weepiness or baby blues many mums experience in the first few days. Post-natal depression can be a serious and debilitating illness if left undiagnosed and untreated so it's important to get help. If you have any concerns contact your local GP - and get the help you need.

Information overload
You'll be bombarded with advice by your mum, friends, health visitor, magazines and books - everyone has something to say about how you raise your baby. Remember that what suits one baby may not suit another so trust your own instincts when it comes to your baby.

For those of you breastfeeding there is plenty of support groups available such as
for those interested in giving you and your baby a work out in the swing and sling classes featured on the show contact


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