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Programme 6 - Carlow

Anna is a native of Galway, when she was in her teens she moved with her family (three brothers and one sister) to Athlone. A couple of years after finishing school she got a job in Letterkenny with An Post. After finishing training with them was she was transferred to Carlow.  There she met "Pat the farmer" as she calls him.. Her father had worked in the Dept of Agriculture for years and she always swore that she'd never marry a farmer. So after much resistance she got the "slap of love!" and settled down to life on the farm. They have four wonderful kids David, Sarah, James and Andrew.

Although Anna was based in Carlow, she remained very close with her two parents. Sadly Anna's mother passed away three years ago. This had a devastating effect on the family. Anna was recovering from postnatal depression after Andrew but with the shock of her mother's sudden death slipped into an even deeper depression. She could barely function, for months her eldest girl Sarah, who was then 11-years-old, took over the running of the house. It wasn't until a friend of hers suggested that she see a homeopath that Anna's condition started to improve.
The house also suffered as things started to pile up. Pat's hours were long due the nature of his work and the kids did the best they could. Fortunately Anna is now back in flying form, having retired from the post office she has enrolled herself in college to do a childcare course which she loves.

The house itself is a good sized detached house in county Carlow. The worst of the rooms are the playroom, the upstairs landing and her daughter's room.

The entire house is fairly cluttered. On top of the depression Anna is also a genuine hoarder and a BIG SHOPPER, she loves a good bargain.

Avril and the team descended on Anna and her clan to help them declutter, and then the kids announced they wanted to swap room around. The two youngest boys moved upstairs and Sarah moved downstairs and a place had to be found for all their toys!

Thankfully Avril and her team got the job done.

One year later, Avril revisits Anna and her family to see if they have kept a clutter free home!

Avril, Sarah and Anna
Avril surprises Anna and her daughter Sarah
Avril and Anna