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Desperate Houses Revisited RTÉ One, Thursday 7.00pm

Programme 5 - Finglas

The Desperate Houses team are back and this time they're revisiting the homes they helped to declutter, revamp and redecorate in previous series.

Will presenters Clodagh and Avril find that the people they helped have changed their old ways and made good on their promises to maintain their newly decluttered rooms or have they fallen back into old bad habits?

Programme five sees Avril return Finglas East to surprise Geraldine and her daughter Sinead.

Geraldine lives in a small three-bedroom semi-detected house in Finglas East, with her 14-year-old daughter Sinead. She has two sons, 21-year-old Aidan and 25-year-old Sean who live with their father. Geraldine and the children's father have been separated for several years.

Geraldine's own family have lived in this house for a long time - in fact Geraldine was born in the front bedroom.

Life for Geraldine's family has been very tough in the last few years. Her elderly parents who had been living in the house both died - Geraldine had been their primary carer. And very tragically, her son Owen committed suicide.

At about the same time, Patricia Reid got to know Geraldine and began to help her with the house and trying to get her life back together, and it was Patricia who initially rang Desperate Houses. Her daughter is the same age as Geraldine's daughter Sinead and they are best friends. Patricia felt that Geraldine really deserved a helping hand from the Desperate Houses crew.
A lot of the clutter in the house belongs to either her deceased parents or her son Owen.

Sadly, like so many families across Ireland, Geraldine is learning how to move forward bit by bit. She has a tremendous network of friends and neighbours and a great support group. She has a passion for line dancing and she tries to do this as often as she can, as does her daughter Sinead who loves to sing too.

Geraldine wanted Avril and the Desperate Houses crew to help her reorganise her home, to find a place for the things she holds dear and makeover her deceased son's bedroom in order that she could use it as her own. Avril also tackled the sunroom, making it possible for her and Sinead to use it for a variety of purposes- including line dancing practice.

How are the family doing now and are the bedroom and sunroom still spick and span? Avril goes back to find out!