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Audrey and Leyla in Cork

Over two years ago Avril and the Desperate Houses team met Audrey Downey and her then 6-year-old daughter Leyla. The pair lived in a house in Cork city which Audrey had christened "the black hole!"

There was clutter everywhere in Audrey's house. Downstairs the clutter was hidden in drawers and cubby-holes. But upstairs things had really gotten out of control. Leyla's bedroom was so cluttered that she had not slept in it for years. And in Audrey's bedroom there were piles and piles of stuff - amongst it - over 100 pairs of shoes with handbags to match.handbags which Audrey never used.

Audrey's mum Ann believes that Audrey's addicted to shoes, she revealed to Avril that wherever Audrey goes she buys shoes, and not just one pair, but six! Ann thought Avril had more of a chance of changing Audrey's ways than she has had in the past, which was quite a challenge given that Audrey herself admits to being "a bargain shopaholic".

With every available space full to bursting, there was barely enough room for Audrey and Leyla. What should be a cosy three-bedroom home was about as functional as a cramped one-bedroom flat.

But life hadn't always been like this. In recent years, alongside her separation, Audrey had had to cope with family bereavement and an illness that meant she had to give up her hairdressing business. She felt ready for a fresh start.

Sifting through the contents of two extremely cluttered bedrooms took plenty of time and after a slightly shaky start, Audrey and Leyla do really well.

Avril helped Audrey to reclaim not just her house but her own personal space. But that was over 12 months ago...what is the house like now? Avril goes back to find out!

Over two years later, Avril revisits Audrey and Leyla to see if the house is clutter free or whether they've slipped back into their old bad habits - tune in and find out!

Avril with Audrey and Leyla
Avril with Audrey and Leyla
Avril Murphy Allen
Avril Murphy Allen