RTÉ One, Thursday, 7.00pm
Dermot's Secret Garden

Series 2: Episode 2

New Series Thursday 21st February, 7.00pm
It's April in Clondeglass and all through the borders the spring bulbs are exploding into vivid colour. After tackling a slug epidemic in the East Border, Dermot and Fiann get busy digging drills in the veg beds to sow their Irish and Heritage seed potatoes furthering their 'Save the Spud' campaign.

Outside the walls of Clondeglass, the new meadow area has been ploughed and tilled. Fiann pays a visit to the charismatic wildflower seed expert and enthusiast Sandro Cafolla to investigate and purchase native wildflower seeds.

Dermot's on another mission. In Wexford he's busy at a Pet Rescue centre rescuing hens to replenish his stock. In Clondeglass the Belvedere Students are on hand to help with the pond - an additional focal point to the jewelled meadow.

And more help arrives as the kids from the local national school descend on the garden to help sow the thousands of wildflower seeds in the meadow. Fiann forages for wild garlic to make a mouth watering garlic pesto and Dermot checks his rescued hens into their new 5 star surroundings.


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