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Series 1 Recap

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Series One of Dan & Becs got off to a shaky start for the couple. Six months into the relationship and Becs still had to admonish Dan for blatantly flirting with other girls. The resulting spat up in Club 92 saw Dan question the couple's future together. Following an Enneagram course, Becs had her own set of doubts about her suitability with "Lazy Bear" Dan.

A "free gaff" almost saw the couple rekindle the romance until Dan abruptly fell asleep and it was discovered that his parents had actually returned from Lourdes the night before. Dan made matters worse by announcing that he didn't think Becs was right for the lead role in "Undercover Lover", the Hollywood action-romance-political-thriller-musical script he was working on. Luckily, he was able to smooth things over by re-working a romantic song he'd written for a previous girlfriend and recording it for Becs. Things didn't remain rosy for long, however, as Dan forgot the anniversary of their first date. With no romantic gift to fall back on this time, Dan cleverly informed Becs that he had planned something special for the anniversary of the night they'd officially started "going out" together. This kept Becs happy until a run in with a particularly nasty Irish model on her "first big shoot" left her in tears. Dan decided not to tell Becs about his successful job interview and instead cheered her up with a night of dinner and dancing. Becs received good news of her own when she was cast in a new Irish sci-fi film, "The Celtic Tigers of Pale City". She was particularly excited to discover she would be playing the romantic lead opposite none other than Chris from the boy band "Southside". Their careers finally taking a turn for the better, things were looking up for Dan and Becs until they each started receiving flirtatious text messages, Dan from his ex-girlfriend Marie, Becs from her co-star Chris.

Dan's poor treatment of Becs eventually drove her into the arms of the charming Chris. Although Becs only drunkenly kissed Chris once, a distraught Dan immediately broke up with her only to realise his feelings for Becs were a lot stronger than he had imagined. Nonetheless the couple remained separated until the night of "The Celtic Tigers of Pale City" premiere. In an attempt to defend Becs' honour and prove his manliness, Dan ended up in hospital where, disoriented by the effects of the heavy painkillers, he finally admitted to Becs that he loved her. We left Series One with a reunited Dan and Becs more in love with each other than ever.

The happy couple