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*Episodes will be available for 7 days to watch online after they have been televised.

Episode One: Changes

Dan returns from a life changing trip to South America as Becs prepares for an important audition. The couple discusses the changes that have taken place in their lives since last we saw them. Dan has a new haircut and is finally "in love". Becs has decided the theatre is probably not for her.


Episode Two: Cheating

Dan's revelation that he cheated on Becs could not have come at a worse time. Dan really was trying to be a better boyfriend and maybe this wasn't starting out on the best foot. but at least now they're even. Will Becs see it the same way, especially if his mistake costs her the role of a life time?


Episode Three: Short

Dan has received funding for his short film but Becs' agent thinks the lead role is beneath her. Dan is not impressed. When an "old friend" of Dan's offers to play the lead, Becs has one of her trademark changes of heart. But will it be too late?


Episode Four: Fair City

As Becs begins filming her first scenes for Fair City, Dan finally takes the hint from his parents and moves out. Dan is surprised that he's actually seeing less of his girlfriend now that he has a place of his own. Becs grows weary of Dan's overprotective behaviour.


Episode Five: The Shoot

Tensions mount as the couple prepares to shoot Dan's first short film. Becs is annoyed that Dan keeps correcting her in rehearsals. To make matters worse Dan is getting stick from his mates for being "whipped" when he hardly even gets to see Becs anymore.


Episode Six: Halloween

Dan and Becs recall how they first met on Halloween night years earlier. Destiny brought the couple together when they both arrived at the bonfire dressed as their favourite Star Wars characters. Fate kept them apart, however, when Dan chickened out of asking Princess Leia for her phone number. This year they're dressing as a famous couple.


Episode Seven: Dan Óg

When Becs tells Dan she might be pregnant, they each try to imagine their future together. While Dan gradually adjusts to his rosy image of their future together, Becs isn't convinced she could put up with Dan's poor hygiene, night terrors and incessant ukulele playing.


Episode Eight: The Realisation

When Jack calls to console him, Dan is surprised to discover he was dumped by Becs two days earlier. Dan must play this one very carefully if he's to win back his girlfriend. The last thing either of them wants is to end up on some kind of "break".


Episode Nine: Messy

Dan moves home as Becs discovers that her run on Fair City may be coming to an abrupt end. After some "sex with the ex," Dan presumes he and Becs are getting back together. Becs must remind Dan they both agreed the drunken booty call was just a bit of fun. Dan is heartbroken yet again.



Episode Ten: Kathryn

With Becs now living in London, Dan finally moves on with his life, and even lands a new celebrity girlfriend. The couple recalls a nasty fight that took place as Becs prepared to leave Dublin. Now that they're talking to each other again maybe they can finally be friends.