damo and ivor

Series 2

Series one ended with a bang when Sarah Jane revealed she was pregnant and didn't know which twin was the father. This series Ivor must face up to possibly being a dad and Damo has to also grow up. Jam packed with laugh out loud moments this is another hilarious collision of class and culture.


Still in prison Damo is delighted to come face to face with his Da Bricko. Ivor, encouraged by Grano, becomes a chef for Billy Bongo's Burgers. A hysterical and homeless Sarah Jane arrives to Grano's after her parents kicked her out upon discovering she is pregnant. Ivor's grandfather Edward returns to Itchdaddy Manor penniless and is horrified to discover all the family assets are in Ivor's name. Damo is released from prison when Bricko threatens a petrified Flemo into confessing Damo had nothing to do with the robbery. Edward turns up at Grano's and pretends Victoria has gone gaga. Ivor visits her in hospital and persuades Edward he will look after her. Their plan to get the shares off Ivor has kicked off. Taking over the burger stand as a favour to Ivor, Damo uses it as a guise to sell fireworks but it explodes and he's arrested (again)!

Series 1


Ivor is living the dream and splashing the cash until his world crumbles around him as he discovers that his parents are not his biological parents. Worse than that he finds out that they didn't even adopt him, they bought him. In a drunken rage he embarks on a plan of revenge. Damo discovers that his beloved grandmother Grano has some terrible news and he comes up with a great plan to make some money and solve her problems.


When money from an armed robbery isn't even enough to solve Damo's problems and help Grano he decides to make cash in a very unconventional way. With Ivor's parents out of the picture he has the run of the house until there is a knock on the door from someone who wants answers as to their whereabouts. Ivor and Tarquin attend Sarah-Jane's charity luncheon to help save the wildlife of Foxrock village. Ivor laps up the free booze and gets more than he bargained for.


Ivor decides to get a job so he joins Elitest modelling agency to show off his handsomeness. Fame goes to his head very quickly and when his pompous behaviour upsets his agent she decides to show him who's boss.  Grano reveals a secret to Damo and tells him that he has a twin brother. An elated Damo begins his search to find him.  Damo's neighbour Tracey gets him on to The Henry Vile Show on TV to make a plea for his brother, but cunning Tracey has other motives for bringing Damo on the show.


It's Halloween and Damo decides he needs to get his face back on the TV. To attract the news cameras he creates bonfire mayhem and destruction. Ivor is planning a huge Halloween party to save his image. When Damo stumbles upon a huge clue he discovers where his twin brother is from and heads to Foxrock to meet him. What will happen when they come face to face?


Ivor is evicted from his mansion and has to turn to the only friend he has left, Sarah-Jane. When her parents kick him out he is forced to roam the streets. Damo desperately searches for Ivor. When they meet each other under unlikey circumstances Ivor decides to go with Damo and meet Grano.


Damo and Ivor plan a surprise party for Grano and all is going great until Spuddy puts his foot in it and reveals the real reason why Damo was searching for Ivor. A heartbroken Ivor fleas the house, but when he gets himself into some serious trouble he returns to Damo and Grano's house to discover she's been taken ill and only he can save the day.

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