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About The Show

Damo & Ivor is a satirical comedy which originally featured on Republic of Telly and has been a massive hit on-line about the lives of two identical twin brothers separated not long after birth. When their troubled mother, unable to look after both of them, sells one of her children to a couple from the more affluent side of the city what results is a hilarious collision of class and culture which also looks at how each side perceives the other.

One of the boys, Damo, is left to grow up on the mean streets of Dublin to be raised by his maternal Grandmother, Grano, while the other, Ivor, is given a life of wealth and luxury in Dublin's affluent Foxrock by parents who shower their son with money and little else.

Both of them are completely oblivious to the existence of the other. They couldn't be more different, yet in some ways they couldn't be more alike.

Their stories begin 22 years after their fateful separation. Damo, forced to move back home to Grano, after the squat he's living in is demolished with him in it, discovers that Grano's health has taken a turn for the worse.

Ivor's life is also about to hit the skids. When an unfortunate incident involving a doctored pregnancy picture turns him onto the truth about his past (he had no idea he was adopted), Ivor decides to punish his parents. During a drunken rage he hands a pile of paperwork into the police that sheds light on his father's illicit business dealings. When his adoptive parents discover this, they quickly go on the run, leaving their ungrateful son behind to fend for himself. How will he ever learn to cope in the real world?

The cast who played the main roles in the online and Republic of Telly versions of Damo & Ivor are back, with some big names added.

Andy Quirke plays the main roles of Damo & Ivor, comedian Tom O'Mahony plays Ivor's posh twit best mate, Tarquin, and Lewis Magee is Spuddy, Damo's dim-witted sidekick.

UK comedian Rik Mayall plays Ivor's father and Norma Sheehan plays Ivor's mother. Prominent Irish character actress Ruth McCabe plays Damo's grandmother and Mario Rosenstock has a role as a cheesy TV presenter. Ivor's ditsy love interest Sarah-Jane is played by newcomer Hannah Crowley, his nemesis Oisin is played by David Crowley and Eimear Morrissey plays the larger than life single mum Tracey Rooney.

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