damo and ivor

Series 2

Series one ended with a bang when Sarah Jane revealed she was pregnant and didn't know which twin was the father. This series Ivor must face up to possibly being a dad and Damo has to also grow up. Jam packed with laugh out loud moments this is another hilarious collision of class and culture.


Damo gets a new cell mate in prison. Grano encourages Ivor to get a job. Sarah-Jane's parents kick her out after discovering she's pregnant and Grano looks for love online.


Damo endures community service under the wrath of Garda PJ. Grano goes speed dating and Ivor makes an unlikely friend and goes out on the lash.


Ivor and Liam hatch a revenge plan against Oisin and compete against him in The Foxrock Bachelor & Wingman of the Year Competition. Grano gets lucky and Damo hears some shocking news from Spuddy.


Damo engages in a dramatic heist to help Spuddy pay for his wedding. Liam unveils the truth to Ivor about his trickster parents. Grano brings her new boyfriend Garda PJ home to meet her grandsons.


Ivor confesses his undying love for Sarah-Jane. Damo, Ivor and the lads take Spuddy out on a whopper stag night to a lap dancing club while Tracey parties the night away with a wild hen night with the girls and a stripper.


It's the big wedding day. After a romantic ceremony as Damo is doing his best man speech, Tracey and Sarah-Jane's waters break and panic ensues in the rush to the hospital. The paternity results are in and Sarah-Jane discovers who the father of her baby is.



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