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Rescue Me
CustomsRTÉ One, Monday 8.30pm (Repeat)

Programme Six

Sunday 19 October 2008 7.30pm

At Dublin Airport a child's toy conceals a kilogram of cocaine. Patchy panelwork in a container truck attracts attention from the team at Rosslare, and a flashy car gets confiscated by Martin in the port.

An airmail parcel passing through Dublin Airport is intercepted by the Customs team, following a tip off from Canadian police. It's labelled as a child's toy, but it's heavier than it should be. The x-ray looks suspicious and it's no surprise when a block of cocaine worth €70,000 is discovered inside.

Customs officer Martin Rogers spots a Northern Ireland registered top of the range BMW out and about in Dublin. He questions the driver and soon learns that Vehicle Registration Tax has not been paid. The car is seized and the man has to hand over thousands to get it back.

At Dublin Airport, the Amsterdam flight has just arrived and Thatcher the drugs dog is on duty with his handler Andrea Leamy. He shows an interest in three bags and Customs officers carefully monitor the passengers claiming them before calling them aside for questioning. Three seizures of cannabis are made, including one lump of resin concealed inside a wash bag.