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Programme Five

Sunday 12 October 2008 7.30pm

This week on Customs, the Airport team stop a man from smuggling thousands of sleeping tablets, another passenger dumps a suitcase and bolts for the exit and up north the border unit crack down on illegal diesel.

Martin Rogers and his team carry out dawn raids on houses across Dublin looking for smuggled tobacco. Martin's patch is Metropolitan Dublin and often finding the stash of illegal goods is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

At Dublin Airport €40,000 worth of prescription-only sleeping tablets show up in a passenger's luggage. Limovan is taken by serious drug users to assist in coming down off a high. It's only available from a doctor here in Ireland but in Spain you can buy as much as you like over the counter, which is exactly what one Irish passenger did, but got caught bringing in thousands of the pills in their suitcase.

Also at the airport, a nervous passenger was spotted by some observant customs officers acting suspiciously in the baggage claim area. He was waiting until all the other passengers went through but a veteran officer wasnt fooled by the oldest trick in the book and pulled the baggage into the X Ray machine. It was full of cannabis. Meanwhile the man tried unsucessfully to bolt for the exit but was tackled to the ground by rookie officer Ken.