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Programme Three

Sunday 28 September 2008 7.30pm

This week on Customs, a stash of cash turns up in hand luggage at Dublin Airport, the Cork team raid a busy market, the cutter crew search for a bale of cocaine and a roadblock at Dublin Airport nets a haul of smuggled cigarettes.

A passenger heading to the UK through Dublin Airport has more than a toothbrush in their hand luggage. Hundreds of thousands of Euro are packed in two plastic bags inside their rucksack.
A busy North Cork market is the focus of a Customs team search and they get a result - one stallholder is selling smuggled cigarettes. They seize 6,000 cigarettes and his van, but return the vehicle to him when he pays a fine.

Down in Wexford, Customs officers are searching onshore and at sea for bales of cocaine. The Customs cutter patrols the rugged coastline, trying to find the bales in case they wash ashore and fall into the wrong hands.

Gardai, Airport Police and Customs officers set up a joint road block at Dublin Airport's only exit. Random searches yield a haul of smuggled cigarettes, some concealed inside the false bottom of a suitcase and thousands more wrapped in the passenger's belongings.