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Rescue Me
CustomsRTÉ One, Monday 8.30pm (Repeat)

Programme One

Sunday 14 September 2008 7.30pm

This week on Customs, a suspicious passenger makes a bolt for the exit, a live snake is discovered in luggage at Dublin Port, an undercover operation halts a cigarette smuggling scam at Dublin Airport and in Cork the customs anti-evasion unit chase down UK registered cars. In Dublin Airport, undercover officers track two people who they suspect to be running a cigarette smuggling operation via the skies of Europe to supply the Irish black market. Veteran Officer Declan Smyth leads the covert customs team who follow the suspicious pair to the airport car park where they find some surprising contents in their luggage.

Over at Dublin Port, Officer Martin Rogers meets an unusual passenger. It's his first encounter with a Colombian Rainbow Boa - and he's not too impressed.