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Cromwell in Ireland
Cromwell in IrelandRTÉ One, Monday 10.30pm (Repeat)

Series Consultants

John Morrill, Professor of History Cambridge University
John Morrill of Cambridge University is an expert on 17th-century Irish and British history. He is currently completing a major study on Oliver Cromwell.

Jane Ohlmeyer, Professor of History, Trinity College
Jane Ohlmeyer is head of the Department of History in Trinity College Dublin. She is an expert on 17th century Irish and British history.

Pádraig Lenihan, Lecturer in History University of Limerick
An ex-army officer, Pádraig Lenihan is an expert on Irish military history. He has written a major study of warfare in Ireland in the 1640s.

Nicholas Canny, Professor of History NUI Galway
Nicholas Canny of NUI Galway is one of Ireland’s leading historians. He is an expert on the 1641 rebellion, and its causes and consequences – events which were a major factor in motivating Cromwell’s conquest of Ireland.

Ronald Hutton, Professor of History University of Bristol
Ronald Hutton of the University of Bristol has contributed to a number of documentaries dealing with the English Civil Wars, and offers an English perspective on this divisive subject.


Cromwell in Ireland
Cromwell in Ireland
Cromwell in Ireland
Cromwell in Ireland