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  • Murder of James Cahillane

    Gardaí in Tralee are continuing to investigate the murder of James Cahillane that occurred in the early hours of 19th April, 2012.

    James' body was discovered in his burning house at Ardraw, Beaufort, Killorglin Co. Kerry. He was 58 years old and originally from Killorglin. James was a well liked and popular individual in the town where he worked at the same company for 20 years.

    On 18th April 2012, James left work and went to two local pubs. Shortly before midnight he got a taxi home. The taxi driver waited until James got safely inside his house. This was the last time James was seen alive.

    At 2am the fire was discovered by a neighbour who alerted the emergency services. A post mortem revealed that James died as a result of blunt force trauma and smoke inhalation.

    James' son Gary, daughter Lisa along with other family members and friends renewed their appeal on Crimecall for information on the 5th anniversary of James' death.


    • Gardaí believe this investigation could be progressed with assistance from the local community in Killorglin.
    • Do you have any information about the events leading to James' death?
    • Do you have any information at all that could progress the case? If so, please come forward.

    Gardaí at Tralee Garda Station are investigating. Telephone 066 7102300

  • Aggravated Burglary in Murroe, Co. Limerick

    Gardaí at Murroe Garda Station are investigating an aggravated burglary that occurred on 30th March, 2017 at approximately 12.30am.

    The victim, who runs a service station in the village, closed up for the evening just after 10pm. He drove the short distance home where he remained for about half an hour. He arranged to meet friends and left again, returning home shortly after midnight. As he was locking up the house for the night, four masked and armed men entered the house and pushed him to the floor. They tied his hands and feet with cable ties and demanded money but there was no money or a safe in the house. They questioned the man about the service station, demanding the keys and alarm codes.

    Two of the men stayed with the victim while the other two went to the service station where they entered the shop and stole a quantity of cash and cigarettes. After a period of time the two men who remained at the house left. The victim managed to free himself and raise the alarm.


    Suspect 1:

    * 6ft in height

    * Heavy build

    * Possibly aged in his 50s

    * Strong Limerick accent

    * Wore a black balaclava, jacket, boots and gloves

    Suspect 2:

    * 5' 10'' in height

    * Heavy build

    * Appeared to be in his in 50s

    * Spoke with a Limerick accent

    * Wore dark clothing, black balaclava and gloves

    Suspect 3:

    * 5' 8'' in height

    * Heavy build

    * Spoke with a Limerick accent.

    * Wore a dark brown coat, dark coloured pants and brown boots with laces.

    Suspect 4

    * 5' 9'' in height

    * Thin build

    * Spoke with a Limerick accent

    * Wore a black bomber style jacket, black balaclava and gloves

    * He was armed with a revolver type handgun and was particularly aggressive.


    * Gardaí are appealing to anyone in the Murroe area between the evening of Wednesday March 29th and the early hours of March 30th to come forward.

    * It is believed the men used a silver saloon type car with alloys wheels and a sunroof. Did you see a car matching this description in the area?

    * Have you any information that might progress the investigation? Gardaí are appealing for information based on the description of the suspects and the car involved in particular.

    * Did you notice any suspicious activity in the area on the night in question? Or even in the weeks preceding this crime?

  • Missing Person: Ronnie Maloney

    Gardaí in Castlebar are appealing for information in relation to Ronnie Maloney (45), who is missing since 16th January 2017 from Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

    Ronnie had recently become homeless and although numerous efforts and enquiries have been made to find him, he has not been located to date. He has no identification with him and does not appear to have access to any money.


    * DOB: 29/06/1971

    * 6' 2'' in height

    * Slim build

    * Short brown hair, green eyes

    * English accent

    Gardaí at Castlebar Garda Station are investigating. Telephone 094 9038200

  • Missing Person: Trevor Deely

    Gardaí at Pearse Street are renewing their appeal to the public in tracing the whereabouts of Trevor Deely who was last captured on CCTV passing the Bank of Ireland ATM machine on Haddington Road at approximately 4.14 am on 8th December, 2000.

    Trevor was at a Christmas party that night. Afterwards he called to his workplace to collect an umbrella, as it was raining heavily. CCTV footage containing his last sightings has now been digitally enhanced and captures a man dressed in black outside the rear entrance of Trevor's workplace - Bank of Ireland Asset Management Offices on Wilton Terrace, Dublin 2 - between 3am and 3.34am, before Trevor arrived. At 3.34am, this man is seen following Trevor to the back gate of Bank of Ireland Asset Management where they have a brief conversation at the gate at 3.35am.

    Gardaí believe that the man acting suspiciously outside of Trevor's place of work is the same

    man that is seen passing the Bank of Ireland ATM on Haddington Road at 4.14a,m, just 34 seconds after Trevor passes the same spot.


    * Are you the man seen with Trevor on CCTV? Or have you any information about that man? If so, please come forward.

    * If you think you have any information that could help, please contact the Gardaí.

    Gardaí at Pearse Street Garda Station are investigating. Telephone 01 6669000

  • Missing Persons: DNA Database

    An Garda Síochána are encouraging family members of missing persons to supply a sample of their DNA to assist with the identification of human remains discovered both within Ireland and throughout Europe. Members of the public can request the taking of a sample by calling to their local Garda Station or by e-mailing the following address:

    Crimecall spoke to Brigid Hughes, the wife of Leonard Hughes, a 49 year old fisherman who went missing off the Wexford coast in November 2016 after falling overboard from a fishing trawler. A search was launched for Leonard but it was unsuccessful. In January of this year human remains were recovered off the coast of Wales and following a through DNA analysis of the remains it was confirmed that they were those of Leonard, who was reunited with his family and brought home for burial. Brigid appealed on Crimecall for the families of missing persons to submit their DNA.

  • Wanted on Warrant

    Gardaí are looking for information on the current whereabouts of 26 year old Dean Evans. He is originally from Dublin and has formally lived in Killester and Raheny.


    6ft in height
    Fair hair, blue eyes
    Muscular build

  • Wanted on Warrant

    Gardaí are looking for information on the current whereabouts of 34 year old James Staurvik.


    5' 7'' in height

    Black hair

    Brown eyes

    Fair complexion

    Known to have lived in Birmingham

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