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  • Murder of Paiche Unyolo

    Twenty-five year-old mother of two, Paiche Unyolo's remains were discovered at Brenor Bridge, Piltown, Kilkenny on July 23rd 2004.

    Originally from Malawi, Paiche had been living in Ireland since 1999. She was married with two young children and living in Waterford when she went missing earlier that month

    - Paiche's sister Lucy Unyolo comes to Ireland to make appeal

    Lucy Unyolo:
    It's like 2004 the same feeling. How can somebody take a human being and throw her down the river and leave her there? It's lonely, it's cold, it's cold, it's lonely.

    I/V: LUCY
    We came to this spot just to see where they found the body, but they told us not to see the body because it was badly decomposed and the head was decapitated. So she had no head. I just need some answers, somebody who knows what happened to her (and) we just need some answers please. We just need some answers from someone to tell us what happened to her.

    • Appeal:
    • Have you any information in relation to the murder of Paiche Unyolo?
    • The last independent sighting of Paiche was at 5pm on the 8th July 2004 at Pickardstown, Co. Waterford, her remains discovered on the 23rd July 2004. Have you any information on where Paiche was between these dates?
    • Gardaí do not believe Paiche was killed where her body was discovered. Do you have any information about this?
    • If you knew Paiche and have not been interviewed by the Gardaí please get in touch.
    • Gardaí in Waterford received an anonymous letter in December 2004. They made a direct appeal to the writer of the letter to get in touch with them again.

  • Missing Person - Barry Corcoran

    Barry Corcoran from Wicklow was last seen on the 7th of July last. Thirty-nine year old Barry travelled up from Wicklow town where he lived with his brother, on the 6th of July to visit friends in Dublin city. CCTV shows Barry at various times throughout that day. His family and Gardaí are very concerned for his welfare.

    Barry's sister Linda made an appeal on Crimecall to anyone who had information to help her family by letting the Gardaí know.


    • Gardaí and Barry's family are extremely concerned for Barry Corcoran's safety and well being, if you have any information please get in touch with the Gardaí.
    • Barry stayed over with friends on Cremona Road in Ballyfermot on the night of the 6th but was gone by 10am the next morning. He did not know the area well. Did you see Barry Corcoran leave Ballyfermot by foot on the 7th? (Barry walked with a slight shuffle from an old injury) Did you give him a lift either taxi, bus or tram?

  • Cash in Transit Robbery, Maxol Service Station, Dublin Road, Navan

    On August the 25th, 2015 at approximately 3.25pm a cash-in-transit van was targeted when refilling the ATM machine at the Maxol Garage in Navan. A raider threatened the security guard and made away with a cashbox. The car used in the raid, a green Honda CR-V was discovered burnt out close to the scene. The cashbox was found at around 4:20pm in Bealing Wood Estate, Tyrellstown, Dublin 15.


    • The green Honda CR-V registration 01SO1627 was sold on the 15th of May last. The buyer gave false details. Did you see this Honda anywhere between May 15th and the 25th of August
    • The Honda CR-V was set alight in a lane near Woodview Estate. Did you see the raiders in the Woodview Estate area on 25th August 2014? Did you see a car pick men up here on that afternoon?
    • Did you see any suspicious activity around the Bealing Wood Estate in Tyrellstown from around 4pm on the 25th of August?


    Two victims of crime work with Garda photographic unit to generate EvoFITs of the suspects.

    - Robbery with a Firearm, Springdale Road, Raheny Dublin 5
    At 9pm approximately on Saturday the 6th of June 2015 a man was robbed on Springdale Road, Raheny. The suspect started trying to talk to the man he then took out a silver handgun and robbed the man, and fled in the direction of Tonlegee Road.

    The raider is described as 5'11" " in height, with a thin build, black hair with a Dublin accent he was wearing a cream anorak.

    - Burglary and False Imprisonment, in Pimlico, Dublin 8
    At approximately 7.30pm on Tuesday the 10th of March 2015 a man arrived at an elderly woman's front door on John Street South in Pimlico. He told her she had won a prize at a draw in the local pub but when she grew suspicious he pushed her into her house, grabbed her by the neck and demanded money from her. He grabbed her handbag and put her into her bathroom and fled the scene.

    Next Crimecall is on Monday 19th October 2015, at 9.35pm on RTÉ One

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