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  • Alan Desmond Murder Investigation Continues

    On the 18th of May 2013 a mans' body was discovered by children playing in a field on Kilinardan Hill in Tallaght and a murder investigation was launched. The remains were those of thirty seven year old Alan Desmond who had been missing from his home in Tallaght since the night of the 29th of April.

    Gardaí believe Alan Desmond most likely met his death in that field within one week of him going missing. They make a further appeal for sightings of Alan Desmond within that time period.

    Do you have any information in relation to the movements of Alan Desmond between the 29th of April and the 18th May 2013?

  • Motorbike Fatalities on the Rise

    In 2012 sixteen motorcyclists were killed on our roads. Last year that number rose to 27. Most bike deaths occur during the summer months, from May until the end of September.

    Since our last programme there have been 5 motorbike fatalities on Irish roads. In an attempt to avoid a summer spike again in fatalities again this year our feature this month focused on the survivors of bike crashes and the impact their injuries have on their own and their families live.

    Seán Dixon, is a motorbike crash survivor. He came off a motorbike in July 2011 near Raheny in north Dublin. Seán suffered a brain injury. He has dealt with blackouts, unexplained bouts of anger and memory loss since then. His whole life is dominated by living with what happened to him that day. His father tells us how the family have been affected.

    Dr. Áine Carroll, of the National Rehabilitation Hospital talks about the spinal injuries, amputation and traumatic brain injuries they deal with motorbike crash survivors.

    Dr. Áine Carroll, Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine:
    "A lot of individuals involved in motorcycle collisions do not survive. But those that do survive, tend to survive with absolutely devastating injuries. So the types of injuries that myself and my colleagues would see at the National Rehabilitation Hospital would mainly be traumatic spinal cord injuries, traumatic amputations but also traumatic brain injuries."

    Sean Dixon: Motorcycle crash survivor
    "I learned the hard way, to other people out there on motorcycles please just don't learn the hard way the way I did."

    "It was only when I got out of hospital that it hit home that I had got memory loss. I locked myself in my bedroom for six months I was afraid to leave me house, with the scars and that on me face."

  • An Armed robbery at Ballinakill Post Office County Laois

    On the 26th of May last an armed robbery occurred at a post office in the village of Ballinakill, County Laois.

    A customer, and the postmaster, who'd worked there for 48 years, was in the shop when two armed raiders burst through the door of the small rural post office. The men were well covered up and armed with a sawn off double barrel shot gun and an axe. The customer managed to get away to get help. The raiders threatened the postmaster and managed to get away with an amount of cash. The car they used a maroon Toyota Corolla, had been stolen the night before from the outskirts of Portlaoise and was found burnt out near Rheben GAA Club near Athy.


    • Did you see the Toyota Corolla reg no: 97 OY 1934 anytime from 12midnight on 25th May?
    • The car was found burnt out in a laneway near Rheban Gaelic Football Club in Athy, Co. Kildare - did you see anything suspicious in this area on the morning of 26th May?
    • Did you fill this car with petro between 12 midnight on 25th and 26th May?

  • Two armed raiders escape with a cash delivery at Castleknock Shopping Centre

    Gardaí in Castleknock are looking for information on a cash in transit robbery that happened earlier this year. On January the 17th a cash-delivery guard was making a routine stop at Castleknock shopping centre when an armed man held him up. The raider was armed with a shotgun. He threatened the guard and managed to get the cashbox from him, with a large quantity of cash. He jumped into a waiting Black Ford Mondeo parked opposite the delivery van. But the traffic in the car park was backed up and the raider, and driver had to abandon their car and make their getaway on foot over a wall into wasteland behind the shopping centre.

    The car park was busy at the time and Gardaí appeal to any witnesses who haven't come forward yet to do so and help them with the investigation.
    The black Ford Mondeo used in the raid had been sold on the 4th of January and later sold on by a scrapyard. Gardaí are eager to speak to anyone who may have seen the car parked up before the raid.

    Raider 1: Passenger in the black Ford Mondeo
    Description: 6' tall, stocky build with fair skin. Wore a navy Adidas Tracksuit, brown wooly hat and a navy scarf.
    Armed with a shotgun

    Raider 2: Driver
    Description: 5'6" - 5'8" tall, slim build. Wore a dark top, grey tracksuit bottoms and a ski mask.


    • Did you see the black Ford Mondeo reg no: 01D51043 on the morning of 17th January 2014 parked in the Castleknock Shopping Centre car park?
    • The two raiders left on foot. Did you see the two men matching the raiders' descriptions in the Castleknock area on the morning of 17th January 2014?
    • Do you have any information on the stolen cashbox which has yet to be recovered?

  • Gas and electricity Meter Tampering Scam on the Rise

    Over six hundred thousand homes in Ireland use gas. There are currently around 84,000 customers using prepaid gas meters, this number has almost trebled in the last 4 years.

    Fraudsters are taking advantage of strap cashed customers by posing as ex Bord Gáis Networks employees and advising them to get prepaid meters installed, promising they can help reduce their bills even further. They are then tampering with the meter, allowing unlimited gas flow but leaving the meter unsafe.

    The fraudsters charge about 100 euro for this service and ask their 'customers' for referrals to friends and neighbours who might want to save a few quid....

    Tampering with meters doesn't just put you and your family at risk, but your whole community. There's a risk of a gas explosion, serious injury or even death.

    Next Crimecall is on Monday 22nd September 2014

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