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  • Aggravated Burglary Moyne, County Tipperary

    On Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 armed men set upon a farmer in his 80's in his home in Co. Tipperary. It was around 5:45 in the evening and the farmer was just settling in for the night in his home near Moyne, County Tipperary. Two men pushed through the door; one was armed with a lump hammer both had their faces covered. They threatened him, looking for cash.

    A neighbour passing noticed a car that he didn't recognise, parked outside the elderly man's house. He decided to ring his neighbour to check that everything was all right. When both the elderly man's home and mobile phone rang off he became suspicious. He decided to go back and check on him. He turned back on time to see the car take off in the direction of Moyne village and to take note of the cars registration number.

    When he arrived at his neighbours' house, he found him distressed and traumatized. He raised the alarm with the Gardaí.


    • Were you in the Moyne area on the evening of the 3rd December 2014 between the hours of 4.30pm and 6pm?
    • Did you see a blue car, registration number 01D40736 in Lisdonowley area on the evening of the 3rd December 2014?
    • A blue Mercedes C180 2 litre car was purchased on 21st November 2014. This car had the same registration 01D40736. Do you know anything about what happened to that car since it was purchased?
    • Have you seen the car parked, refuelled? Can you help with this investigation?

  • Gussie Shanahan last seen in Limerick 15 years ago

    Aengus "Gussie' Shanahan was last seen on Friday the 11th of February 2000. The twenty-year-old man, who worked in Dell in Limerick, was out with friends for the night. At 10:28pm he left the pub on St. Joseph Street in Limerick, he crossed the road and was last see walking down Schoolhouse Lane. He has never been seen since.

    Gussie lived at home with his family off the Ennis Road. He was a sociable, outgoing young man with his whole life ahead of him. All that changed on that February night.

    His parents Bob and Nancy Shanahan are haunted every day by the thought of their child lying in an unmarked grave. Nancy suffered a stroke since Gussie went missing, Bob took early retirement to be at home with Nancy.

    Gussie's parents Bob and Nancy talk to Crimecall about his disappearance and their lives since then.

    Bob Shanahan:
    "It's still, you know it doesn't go away, it doesn't improve. This is 15 years ago, and we're always hoping that, that somebody would tell us something about it, before we die."


    • Do you have any information on the disappearance of Aengus (Gussie) Shanahan?
    • Did you see Gussie on Friday evening the 11th February 2010 or early the following morning?

  • Traffic Feature - Vulnerable Road Users

    Road fatalities rose for the second consecutive year in 2014.

    It's now pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists that are at the highest risk, accounting for 40% of deaths on Irish roads in 2014.

    The number of pedestrians killed on our roads has risen by 25%. The number of children killed, has doubled. One in three road fatalities in Dublin are pedestrians.

    The focus for 2015, is on the safety of these vulnerable road users.

    We talk to two survivors of pedestrian and motorcycle collisions.

    A car struck Roberta Connolly, on her way home from school when she was ten-year-old child. Now in her mid-thirties Roberta shares with us the impact this road collision has had on her life. Seán Dixon came off a motorbike in 2011. Both suffer from brain injuries.

    Roberta is wheelchair bound and uses a light writer communication device to communicate. Sean struggles with blackouts, unexplained bouts of anger and memory.

    Richard Curtis from Acquired Brain Injury Ireland talks to us about the life experiences of the survivors and the kinds of support ABII offer.

    Sean Dixon:
    "6th July 2011 I was a passenger on my friends motorcycle. And all I can remember was turning left and waking up and seeing a porter wheeling me in to a hospital ward in Beaumount."

    "I learned the hard way, to other people out there on motorcycles please just don't learn the hard way the way I did. Accidents do happen. I never thought it'd happen me. I grew up around fixing them, (motorbikes) looking at them everyday, saying ah yeah I'd never have a crash"

    Roberta Connolly:
    "On the 19th April 1988 I was knocked down walking home from school. My friends and I were on our way to the local newsagents for sweets. I saw a coin on the road near the curb. Just before I stepped out, an argument broke out between my friends. It was a tragic accident."

    "My young life was taken away, changed forever. I was lucky. I wasn't killed. Drivers for god's sake slow down, and please remain aware and vigilant. Please look out for children like the one I once was."

    Richard Curtis, Certified Brain Injury Specialist, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland:

    "An acquired brain injury of any kind can have a devastating impact on a person's life because in a split second everything changes. From their social role within the family, to their social role with society, to their relationships with their friends and on their ability to remember themselves on a day to day basis."

  • Clearwater Double Murder Anniversary - Update and Reappeal

    23-year-old Mark Noonan and 20-year old Glen Murphy were shot dead on the forecourt of the Tesco Petrol Station at Clearwater in Finglas on the 23rd of November at 11:42 at night. Both men died of gunshot wounds.

    Geraldine Noonan Mark Noonans' Mother:
    "Glen was always with Mark. Mark was like his little father figure, always watched out for Glen. They were just everywhere together; they were like brothers the two of them."

    "Life will never, ever be the same again for me or for my family. They took everything away from us. Just the whole family is just destroyed. Just the both of them, we just miss so much."

    Danielle Murphy Glen Murphys' Sister:
    "Anybody out there, that knows anything at all. They need to look at their kids and see if (it was) their kids, if it was one of their own. Any little bit of information, anything at all."


    • Four years on, do you have information that could help bring justice to those families?

  • CCTV: Distraction Thefts from people and shops

    What can we do when it happens to us?
    What can retailers do?

    It takes seconds... to be distracted
    It takes seconds... to protect your valuables
    There have been an increasing number of distraction thefts reported across the country. Shoppers and shops are the targets.

    We look at some of the most common scams, distraction techniques and give advice to individuals and shopkeepers.

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