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This Month

  • Crimecall Unsolved

    On 17th April 2002, a local property developer was clearing the back yards of two bungalows at Upper Salthill, in Galway, when he came across a human skull. He called the Gardaí immediately and they discovered skeletal remains rolled up in a sleeping bag and tied with blue nylon rope. The bungalow had been used as a squat during the previous number of years, the back yard used for drinking parties.

    The Gardaí believe the remains to be that of an English busker known as 'Dave'. However they are not sure if this was his real name.

    Gardaí hope to discover the dead man's identity, give peace to a family out there somewhere missing a loved one, and solve the mystery of what happened to this man.

    • Appeal:
    • Do you have any information about how this man met his demise?
    • Do you remember him, and can you give Gardaí any information that might help locate his family?


    At around 9:25, on Thursday the 4th of December, the morning rush at the post office in Mohill had just died down, when the door burst open.

    Armed men had been watching the post office for over an hour, circling the village in a red Mazda, waiting for their opportunity to strike. When the post office was empty of customers, two armed men burst into the shop.

    Two members of staff were working in the post office at the time. One of the raiders was armed with what appeared to be a handgun, the other, a hatchet.

    The raiders demanded money, they tried to force the staff to open the safe but it was on a time lock and could not be opened. They filled their bag with money from the cash register and made their getaway in a red Mazda 323, which was later discovered burnt out in a local woods.

    The Mazda was bought on the 3rd of November in Dublin, the buyer, using false information.

    Description of Raider 1:
    Dressed in light grey clothing with green and grey gardening gloves. Dark trainers with white stripes. He was carrying a handgun and wore a balaclava.

    Description of Raider 2:
    Black jacket, dark blue tracksuit tracksuit bottoms with white stripes. He wore gardening gloves and a balaclava.

    Description of Raider 3:
    The driver of the car is described as being in his 20's and wore a dark hoody that he pulled down to cover his face.

    Raider 4:
    It is believed that there was a fourth person in the car as it drove around the town.


    • Appeal:
    • Do you have any information on the Red Mazda 323 reg: 99D14909? Did you see it between the 3rd November 2014 and 3rd December 2014?
    • Did you see anything suspicious on the morning of 4th December in the Mohill and Clooncahir Woods area?
    • Do you have any information about this crime?

    Traffic Challenge: Does driving faster really get you there sooner?

    Crimecall put this to the test this month when we sent two identical cars off to Castlebar, one travelling all the way at the speed limits where safe to do so, the other, at 10 km below all speed limits. The results? A mere two minutes saved for every hour travelled.

  • Anniversary Missing Person Peter Gallagher

    Peter Gallagher went missing from his home in Donaghmede on July 5th, 2003, he was 24 years old. He was at the family home, in Newgrove Estate that night, after a christening. Peter headed out in the early hours of Friday into Saturday the 6th. His family have not seen him since that night.

    As the Gallagher family mark Peters' 35th birthday without him this month, Aideen, his sister, who was only eleven years old when he went missing, comes to studio to appeal for information.

    Aideen Gallagher: "You just learn to live with it, you learn to control your emotions. You just get on day by day, as best you can."

    "You'd be angry you'd be sad you'd be all emotions rolled into one really. It's not like you can grieve, because you don't know."

    "We talk about him all the time, we think about him every day, as if he'd never left."

    "We miss you (Peter) so much and we think about you all the time it's so hard"

    • Appeal:
    • Do you have any information in relation to the disappearance of Peter Gallagher?

  • Shooting in Redford Park, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

    On Monday 16th February 2015 shortly after 9.30pm, two men called to a house at Redford Park. A man was at home was watching television with his partner. When the man opened the door, the two men asked him if he selling his car, parked in the driveway at the time.

    Then one of the men produced a firearm and shot him. He immediately closed the door and ran into the kitchen. Shots were fired through the closed door and the front window before the men left in what is believed to be a small hatchback car.

    • Appeal:
    • Did you see anything suspicious in the Redford Park area on the evening of Monday 16th February?
    • Did you see the two men in the hatchback car?

    Next Crimecall is on Monday, 27th April 2015 at 9.35pm on RTÉ One

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