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    A woman was sexually assaulted in Carpenterstown Park on Saturday the 18th of October. The attack happened as she took a short cut to work at 7:30am that morning. A man came up behind her and put a belt around her neck. He threatened and beat her. The woman managed to get away from her attacker and has worked with Gardaí to create an E-Fit or composite Drawing of her attacker.


    • Were you in the vicinity of the park before or during the assault?
    • Did you see a man resembling this E-Fit leaving the park
    • Do you recognise anyone from the E-Fit?


    On Wednesday the 15th of October, a Dublin couple in their late sixties were at home in Killiney, County Dublin when they became the victims of a violent attack. Their grandchildren, aged 11 and 8, were with the couple for a sleepover. It was around 8:30pm and getting near bedtime when their ordeal began. Four raiders armed with a sledgehammer, gemmy, lump hammer and screwdriver terrorized the family. One of the men kept watch over the grandmother and two children at the back of the house. The grandfather was beaten several times, as the other three raiders ransacked the house looking for a safe. There was no safe, but the raiders did get away with money, jewellery and the couples Range Rover. They abandoned the Range Rover nearby.

    All the raiders were 5'6" / 5'8" in height and were of slim build. Raider 1 had a flat Dublin accent and carried a lump hammer. Raider 2 was armed with a Dark Blue Jemmy Bar, Raider 3 a sledgehammer and Raider 4 a screwdriver. All the raiders wore dark clothing except for raider 4 who wore a light grey jacket. They all had their faces covered.

    Did you see any suspicious activity in the area on Wednesday 15th October?


    On the 30th of July 2010 Doolin Coast Guard responded to a call reporting the discovery of a body at the base of the Cliffs of Moher. The body was that of a man, who the team believed had been in the water about 10 days. The body was naked except for shoes and socks. A Post Mortem carried out showed injuries consistent with a fall. Gardaí carried out local searches, trawling CCTV footage from the area, trains, buses and so on but could not glean any more information about this man. A consultant oral surgeon forensic dentist examined the man's teeth and reported extensive dental work, most likely done on mainland Europe. Gardaí through Interpol, Europol and missing person's lists has circulated DNA, dental and all other information about this man. In November 2011 a facial reconstruction was carried out at Dundee University. Gardaí continue their investigations.

    Does this Facial Reconstruction resemble anyone you have met?


    Paul McCarthy was reported missing by his family seven years ago, on November the 15th, 2007. Twenty-nine years old at the time, a father of one, from Donaghmede, Dublin 13.

    The last definite sighting of him was on the 21st of September that year when he visited his mother in Grangemore Grove, Donaghmede.

    At the time he went missing, he had no permanent address and was living in hostels and on the streets.

    Paul's parents, his three sisters, brother and his daughter, now twelve years old, are all still looking for information about what happened to Paul.

    His brother, Gerard came into studio to make an appeal for help.


    • Can you help the McCarthy family find out what has happened to Paul?


    On Friday 16th of November 2012, at around 7.30pm, 66 year-old Gerry Keane, was the victim of a fatal hit and run.

    Gerry was going out for a Friday night pint in the village of Ardrahan, in Co. Galway. As he crossed the main road in the village, which is the route from Gort to Oranmore, a car struck him. He died from his injuries the following day in University Hospital Galway.

    On the 2nd anniversary of this hit and run we re-appeal for information, Gerry's brother Albert talks about the family's loss.

    Quote from Albert Keane, Gerry Keanes' brother:
    "Gerry didn't come home and we miss him terribly, every time you come in around his house"
    "It's very lonely without him, he was like the father, the grandfather and the great grandfather here in this place. That's the saddest thing about it, it's not over, we visit Gerry's grave, there's always fresh flowers on it but it's not over we don't know what happened we have to find out"

  • Cold Case - Double murder on Greenhills Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12

    On October 5th, 2007 Brian Downes and Edward Ward were shot dead outside a home and premises on Greenhills Road Walkinstown.

    Two men arrived on a Honda Blackbird motorbike at around 9:50pm; the pillion passenger got off the bike and walked towards where the two men stood chatting in the yard. He shot both men dead.

    On the seventh anniversary Edward Ward's parents, spoke to Crimecall about their loss.

    Quote from Martin Ward, Edward Wards' father:
    "Not a day goes by or a night goes by when he's in our mind, would break your heart, and I hope to the almighty God if somebody out there knows anything to bring it to the Gardaí"


    • Do you have any information about this double murder?
    • Can you help the victims' families find some closure?

    Next Crimecall is on Monday 15th December at 9.35pm

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