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  • Murder of Martin O'Rourke, April 14th, 2016

    Twenty-four-year old Martin O'Rourke, a father of three from Cypress Hill in Dublin city, died after he was shot several times on Thursday the 14th of April at approximately 12.25pm. Martin O'Rourke was shot in a case of mistaken identity.

    The shooting occurred at the junction of Sheriff and Oriel Street in Dublin 1. The gunman cycled away in the direction of Seville Place and the Guild Street Junction, then abandoned the bicycle at the end of Sheriff Street and left on foot.

    Have you information that could help Gardaí with this murder investigation?

    Were you in the Sheriff Street area on that day?

  • Shooting at Charlestown Place, Finglas, 8th April, 2016

    This shooting took place at around 6.15pm at Charlestown Place. The car park was busy with customers from the supermarket and two fast food restaurants.

    Silver Volkswagen Golf drove around the car park. An armed man jumped out of the Golf and fired a number of shots. One of the bullets punctured the side of a car as it was driving through the car park. The bullet travelled through the car and lodged in a child's car seat, where a four-year-old boy was sleeping at the time. Luckily the child was not injured.

    The gunman made his getaway in the silver VW Golf registration number 02MH7775. A man using a false name and address had bought the car on Monday the 4th of April.

    Did you see the Silver VW Golf anywhere between April 4th-8th?

    Did you see the VW make a dangerous manoeuver from the filter road onto the M50 at Finglas at around 6.15pm on the 4th April?

    The car was set alight in the Shancastle estate, Clondalkin. Did you see any suspicious behaviour around this estate or the Fonthill area that day?

  • Annie McCarrick Missing Appeal

    When the Garda Serious Crime Review Team or 'Cold Case Unit' get involved in a case, their role is to open up all possibilities in the investigation and review all the information gathered, to date.

    Working with local detectives, they introduce a 'What if' to everything, and in this way, generate new lines of enquiry to move the investigation forward.

    Annie McCarrick, may be Ireland's most recognisable missing person.

    The 26-year-old American woman was living in Dublin, in March 1993, when she vanished.

    Nancy McCarrick, Annie's mother, travelled from her home in New York, to talk to Crimecall and the Cold case team about her daughter's disappearance.

    "When she (Annie) found Ireland her whole life really changed. I know one of the priests at Maynooth said she could lift the spirits of the whole class, that she was that happy to be there. It's a terrible loss. And it's been a long time, such a very long time. I'm pretty sure you know that I'll never see her again.

    But I guess my greatest wish would be to be able to take her home. And have a grave that I could go to. So to find out what happened to her really would be a great gift at this point. It really would." Nancy McCarrick

    Do you have any information that can help Gardaí with this investigation?

  • Murder of Paul Kavanagh

    On the 26th of March last year, twenty six-year old Paul Kavanagh, a father of two, was ambushed, and shot dead, as he was parking his car on Church Avenue, Drumcondra, in Dublin, and a murder investigation was launched. Two armed men in balaclavas got out of a stolen Audi, walked up to Paul Kavanagh's car, and shot him a number of times. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The gunmen set the Audi alight, and made their getaway on foot.

    The Audi A1, Registration 142D4628 (white in colour with a black roof) was stolen on Wednesday 11th March 2015 from Palmerstown, Dublin 20. Did you see this car between 11th March and the 26th of March 2015.

    Were you in the Drumcondra area on the 26th March between 9am and 12pm, did you see anything on Church Avenue, Ormond Road or the Clonturk area that morning?

    On the 22nd of March 2015, thirty-one year old Dean Roche left his home in Kilkenny to buy a car from a local man in nearby Ballyfoyle. He travelled to the man's house, bought the car and left in it. The car was later found crashed nearby. Dean spoke to a number of people in Ballyfoyle area that evening. His passport, bank account and phone have not been used since that day.

    Gardaí have followed up any information on this missing person case. Some lead to the UK, where English police helped out with enquiries, but the information has brought no results. Searches with air support, army, civil defence, and cadaver dogs in the area where Dean was last seen have also been carried out.

    On the anniversary of his disappearance we spoke to Dean Roche's mother Geraldine about her loss. She looks for answers.

    Sunday night when I went to bed, I knew something was wrong. I was probably in the window all night waiting on him to come home.

    I would like to say that whoever knows anything to please ring somebody anonymously, just let me bring him home.

    Crimecall went on a search with Gardaí in the Ballyfoyle area. A 'fingertip search' carried out around the site where a hat, which may have belonged to Dean, was found last December.

    Gardaí make a particular appeal to farmers in the area to check their land.

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