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Craft Master

Craft Master

Craft Master

Episode 5: Blacksmithing

Practice: Metal
Location: Riverstown, County Sligo
Mentor: Michael Budd

The focus this episode is on a heritage craft, using traditional metal work to forge designs in metal. The physically demanding environment combined with the complexities of fussing two pieces of metal together proved very taxing over the seven-day master class run by blacksmith Michael Budd.

Mentor Profile
One of Ireland's most innovative and creative Artist, Blacksmith & Sculptor. Michael Budd works out of The Forge, Sligo Folk Park, Riverstown, County Sligo. All of Michael's work is created using only traditional blacksmithing techniques and incorporates contemporary design. Michael produces anything from one-off pieces of sculpture, limited edition design items or uniquely designed and forged commissions.

A lot of the enjoyment for him is creating something that is well made and crafted, yet interesting and beautiful, which means time to get it right.

Guest Judge Profile
Adrian Legge started his career in the late 70's as a Blacksmith and Farrier in a traditional 4year apprenticeship with my father. As well as running his own business he currently teaches at Herefordshire College of Technology where he is a course tutor for Blacksmithing and Farriery. He has been Blacksmithing for 32+ years and has been responsible for the development and writing of a series of courses in the craft. He has been invited as a guest lecturer/demonstrator at various international blacksmithing events in Europe and North America and am a member and past secretary of the British Artist Blacksmith Association, a director of the National Heritage Ironwork Group as well as a National Judge, Liveryman, Fellow and Licentiate of the Worshipful for the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths and sit on the WCB craft committee.


Craft Master

Apprentice Profile


Name: Ann Cronin

Occupation: Education Worker

Location: Ennis

Craft Master


Name: Edward Cook

Occupation: House Husband

Location: Dublin


Craft Master


Name: Suzanne Rogers

Occupation: Metal Work Teacher

Location: Dublin



Where to study?
The National College of Art & Design - | The University of Ulster, School of Art & Design - | Limerick Institute of Technology, School of Art & Design - | Crafts Council of Ireland - | FAS - | St. John's Central College - | Grennan Mill Craft School -

Please consult the CCoI report 'Creative Pathways' (July 2009) which provides an extensive list of providers across all disciplines at or visit

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