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Corrigan's Challenge
Corrigan's ChallengeRTÉ One, Thursday, 10.15pm

In a brand new four-part series, renowned chef Richard Corrigan puts his reputation on the line and challenges himself to work outside his Michelin starred kitchen.

How will Ireland's most outspoken chef cope with feeding the Cusack Stand during the All-Ireland football final? Can he cope with the restrictions of working in Mountjoy prison? What does he make of the Irish army ration pack in Kosovo and can he bring kitchen therapy to a centre for the homeless London-Irish?

Richard's challenge is to leave a legacy in each of these institutions. He wants to bring real food to the masses. But is this just wishful thinking and has the outspoken chef finally bitten off more than he can chew?

This fast moving series pushes Richard to the limit and he in turn pushes the institutions to breaking point. Expect a clash of egos, spatulas at dawn and a lot of post-watershed blood, sweat and tears.


Richard Corrigan
Richard Corrigan