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Series Three

Episode 1: John Dory with Summer Coleslaw

Episode 1: Braised Shin of Beef

Episode 1: Cathy Kelly's Lobster Cocktail

Episode 2: Barbequed Organic Salmon

Episode 2: Caponata

Episode 2: Pork in Milk with Homemade Brown Sauce and Fennel and Orange Salad

Episode 2: Bread Salad

Episode 3: Adrahan and Melted Onion Tart

Episode 3: Fish and Chips with Homemade Tartar Sauce

Episode 4: Russian Salad

Episode 4: Ravioli with Ricotta

Episode 5: Buttermilk Creams with Summer Fruit Toppings

Episode 5: Navarin of Spring lamb

Episode 6: Double Bone Rib of Beef with Salsa Rossa and Spinach Alla Romana


Series Two

Episode 1: Daube of Pork

Episode 1: Creamy Green Lentil's and Sausage

Episode 2: Bolognese Sauce

Episode 2: Risotto

Episode 3: Monkfish

Episode 3: Spaghetti

Episode 4: Stuffed Baby Squid

Episode 4: Brown Trout with German style potato salad

Episode 4: Ajo Blanco - Chilled Almond Soup

Episode 5: Kerry Lamb

Episode 5: Lamb Sweetbreads

Episode 5: Tandori chicken spice mixture (external link)

Episode 6: Bacon and Cabbage

Episode 6: Thai Green Curry (external link courtesy of


Series One

Episode 1: Crab with dressed jeresulem artichokes

Episode 1: Fillet of pork with turnip and figs

Episode 1: Shepardless Pie

Episode 1: Chunky vegetable soup

Episode 2: Smoked salmon with fennel, apple and honey

Episode 2: Rump burger with foccacia bread & chunky chips

Episode 2: Pan - fried Lemon Sole

Episode 2: Summer Basil Pesto

Episode 2: Squash and Coriander Soup

Episode 3: Hearty autumn vegetable soup with chorizo

Episode 3: Chicken, with family bread pudding

Episode 3: Ratatouille

Episode 3: Rocket, Apricot and Couscous Salad

Episode 4: Rib of Beef with Teddybear Pumpkins

Episode 4: Simple Apple Tart Fine

Episode 4: Mucky lunch roll

Episode 4: Vegan Paella with smoked tofu & green asparagus

Episode 5: Pudding Souffle with Desmond and Gabriel Cheese

Episode 5: Dover Sole

Episode 5: Fish Cakes

Episode 5: Bacon and Cabbage

Episode 6: Wild Irish Mussel Cocktail

Episode 6: Goose & all the trimmings

Episode 6: Spicy Deep fried Cajun Broccoli

Episode 6: Roasted corn on the cob

Episode 6: Seasonal Brussels Sprouts

Richard Corrigan
Richard Corrigan