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Programme 3: That's Magic

Wednesday, 18th July 2007

We have all watched magicians perform trick after trick and wondered out load "how did they do that?" That's Magic will meet Paddy and Terence who are consumed by magic.

Paddy Ward, 73 or The Great Padinin, has been watching magic since the day he was born. His father was a magician. A retired businessman, Paddy loves the buzz, excitement and thrill he gets from his tricks. He can be spotted walking down O'Connell Street in Limerick and he will be asked to perform on the spot. His pockets are filled with coins, bits of rope and silk handkerchiefs. He was conferred with the title of 'Wizard' for his year's service to magic. Paddy will talk about magic all day. His wife died in 1993, and magic filed the gap she left. He loves to see the look of wonder on the audiences' faces. Magic keeps Paddy young. He was once asked to perform a trick at a former members funeral, he would like tricks performed at his. They only share tricks with their fellow magicians.

Simply known as Terence Andrews, he invents tricks and the more dangerous the better. An engineer by day, Terence spends most if not all of his spare time perfecting his tricks. He pushes his daughter, through a large engine like machine to cut her in half! He turns into a child when he talks about magic, which is all of the time. To Terence magic is magical. He has a magic shed in the garden, which he built himself. This is where is spends all of his time. He has a 6ft x 6ft mirror on the wall. Terence has ten doves, which live in his second workshop in Limerick City. His doves form the central part of his act as well as his goldfish. He stands in front of this perfecting his art. Tricks fill his mind all the time. We follow Terence as he rehearses and performs at the Irish Magic Convention in Belfast. We will follow him on this journey as he rehearses for his follow members. He is favourite to win the competition, which Paddy has won five times. The electricity he will feel of the audience will be unbelievable.

That's Magic will see how grown man become children, as they are consumed everyday by the magic world they have created around themselves.


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The Munster Magic Circle
Contact: Vincent Finucane
Tel: (061) 228380 Mob: 087 2502645

Terence Andrews
Terence Andrews
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Kit box
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