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RTÉ's 'Coiscéim' is a three part series which will be broadcast during Seachtain na Gaeilge showcasing six stylistic mini documentaries capturing people who are passionate about what they do for a living.

Clár 1 (Programme 1)

The first mini documentary talks to Pádraic Reaney the Artist as he sets about designing a commemorative Garden on the Aran Islands in memory of the writer Liam O Flaithearta.

The 2nd minidocumentary follows the actress Siobhán O Kelly who had acted in Ros na Rún and we visit her in London where she is attending The Guildhall School of Acting.

Out of two and a half thousand applicants to the course each year only 15 are chosen the Guildhall having been the training ground for great actors such as Ewan Mc Gregor and Ralph Fiennes.

Clár 2 (Programme 2)

The Second programme in the series we meet people who have a passion for food with a look at slow food market and we follow the making of Goats cheese from Sinéad Ní Ghairbhith goat farm in Co. Clare to the table in Peadar Mac An Bhaird Restaurant 'Country Choice' in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.

The 2nd minidocumentary follows a Man on Oileán Chléire, Máirtín O Méalóid who is farming a fish delicacy called Abalone on the Island and we follow him selling his produce to the Nobu Restaurant in London.

Clár 3 (Programme 3)

The 3rd programme in the series talks to people who have a passion for their place - as the emigrants who left Gabhla in the 1960's return. In the mid sixties the last inhabitants left Gabhla and moved to the mainland. In this documentary we meet those who were only young children in the sixties and see them return to their original homes where hustle and bustle begins to appear again on the island.

The 2nd minidoc in the programme and the final in the series talks to a make up artist Roisín Derrane who works in TV and Film.

Roisín hails from the Aran Islands and despite a hectic schedule in Dublin and in London and indeed throughout the world she is always drawn home to Aran and her family.