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At Home with the Clearys
At Home with the ClearysRTÉ One

When media student, Alison Millar, filmed what she considered innocent domestic scenes with Fr. Michael Cleary fifteen years ago, little did she realise that one day her footage of Cleary, housekeeper, Phyllis and their son Ross would amount to a hidden video diary of a secret family.

Using original footage from her student archive, Millar now traces the impact of a national scandal on those who were closest to it, revealing in startling intimacy the secret life of Ireland's most charismatic and controversial cleric and his closeted family.

This authored documentary explores the contradictions of the life of Michael Cleary and the tensions, dysfunction and damage that were caused by his decision to live as a family man, but to deny it and the paternity of his son Ross to his dying breath.

With exclusive access to friends and family, including frank interviews with Ross, the film will examine the human debris left behind when the 'Singing Priest' sang no more.


Fr Michael Cleary
Fr Michael Cleary
Ross Cleary
Ross Hamilton