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Imelda Byrne

Imelda Byrne - Millinery

Imelda is from Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow and a member of the ICA Tullow Guild. She joined in the ICA first in 1978. She deplores the demise of hat wearing. On young people today she says "There's no real elegance any more. Elegance has got to be thought about. It's all prettiness and immediate, dolly bird appeal today. Not enough people own a full length mirror."


Josephine Helly

Josephine Helly - Crafts Instructor

Josephine lives in Ardrahan, Co. Galway and has been a member of Gort Guild since 1980s. She teaches a vast array of crafts including dress making, crochet, knitting, leather work, framing, candlewick and embroidery. She believes Bootcamp could be important to ICA and help them navigate the isues relevant to a new generation of women.


Marie McGuirk

Marie McGuirk

Marie was born in Newry and studied Home Economics and Catering in Belfast before moving to Drogheda. She has been a member of ICA since 1978. In her cookery career, she has seen people's needs become more sophisticated but the basic cooking skills are in danger of being lost.


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