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Blood of the Irish
Blood of the IrishRTÉ One, Monday, 9.30pm

Behind the Scenes

World class computer generated imagery (CGI) will show the Irish landscape changing through the millennia; aerial photography will pick out our family of fur clad hunters crossing a vast glacier, tiny dots on a sea of ice, before they arrive at a richly forested river valley. Computer imagery transforms this age-old valley into modern Cork and then back to how it looked to our ancestors eyes 9,000 years ago.


Blood of the Irish features ground-breaking genetic research undertaken at Trinity College Dublin into our DNA and our origins. One of the extraordinary discoveries is that one fifth of modern Irish men living in the north-west counties are direct descendants of one man, Niall of the Nine Hostages, the high king who kidnapped a young St Patrick and brought him to Ireland. The series also attempts a remarkable forensic quest - the extraction of ancient DNA from some of the oldest human remains ever found in Ireland. Who will that person turn out to have been?


Blood of the Irish
Blood of the Irish