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Character Biographies

Marie Dodgson – 42

When Marie's children flew the nest to university she realised her marriage to Leonard in leafy Surrey had run its course. Once the divorce came through, a quick flight to Dublin and a new life in Ireland seemed like a great idea. However once in Dublin she finds that things have changed and people have moved on.

Behind the optimistic exterior Marie’s not as confident as she’d like you to think.  She’s insecure about a lot of things – and a little vulnerable.  Her big fear is of dying old, alone and unloved.  Having been a wife and mother for twenty years, deep down she reckons she’s probably unemployable – but yearns to be a modern, independent career woman.  That she could put her genius for cooking to good use doesn’t even occur to her.  In the meantime, she’ll shop ‘til she drops and is the most likely to embarrass herself falling down drunk.  Kind hearted and generous to a fault, Marie’s a loyal friend, keen to jump start her social life and anxious to make up for lost time.  

Lives: in a fashionable city-centre apartment. 

Carmel Joyce – 39 (just)

Has recreated the large loving family she grew up in with charming husband Michael.  These days Carmel is a full-time mum to Aidan 16, Grace 9, Molly 7 and Rory 3.  She met and married Michael very young, working in hotel management together.  Carmel appears to have everything, gorgeous husband, lovely kids, beautiful house – but scratch the surface and things are not as perfect as they seem. 

Carmel manages to look fabulous in spite of her busy life, and has a warm, sensual sexuality.  As a mum of four it takes a lot to unseat Carmel – she’s calm, level-headed, used to multi-tasking – and doesn’t take herself, or life, too seriously.  A good listener – Carmel is a loyal and empathetic friend and partner – but God help you if she thinks you’re taking the piss. 

Lives: in a large architect-designed house with a huge garden in Malahide. 

Gerry O’Rourke – 36

Gerry’s the envy of the other women.  Glamorous, sexy, stylish and sophisticated, she’s got the sort of self-assurance that comes from knowing exactly what she wants in life – and how to get it.  With her own successful PR company, she’s a hard-headed businesswoman with a soft centre.  Part of the fashionable Dublin scene, Gerry can take it or leave it.  She’s worked hard to build up her business and is enjoying the fruits of success these days.  Gerry likes the good things in life but she’s no shopaholic.  She’s far too busy for that – and rarely takes a holiday. 

Gerry can wrap men around her little finger, but since the death of her adored husband six years ago, she doesn’t want to get involved.  A coper, she was hard-hit by the loss and these days is wary of letting anyone else get close.  How would she ever find anyone to touch him anyway?  Gerry’s a little cynical about relationships and prefers the company of her girlfriends but men are for sex, friendship – and DIY.  Gerry’s a tough cookie and tends to bottle things up.  Though she would never admit it, she sometimes gets lonely.  Her biological clock is just beginning to tick... and though Gerry likes children she’s not sure how they would fit into her life.

Lives:  alone, in a beautiful beach house in Howth.