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Beyond Belief



Following the canonisation of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II, Mick Peelo is joined by a select panel to discuss the lives, legacies and pontificates of the new saints, the purpose and meaning of sainthood and its relevance for today.

Series 2

Programme 1
Programme 1 explores the issue of Conscience and the Law and asks: What exactly is conscience and what is its role in public life?

Programme 2
Programme 2 The second programme explores the issue of Forgiveness

Programme 3
Programme 3 explore the subject of Islam

Programme 4
Mick Peelo and his panel discuss the Angelus

Programme 5
Mick Peelo and his panel discuss the Media and ask: Has the Media really got it in for God and Religion?


Programme 6
Mick Peelo and his panel of Irish personalities ponder the meaning of life and ask: At the end of the day, what's it all about?

Series 1

Programme 1
The first programme in the series explores the current economic crisis and asks the question: 'Does Religion have anything to say about the recession or how to get out of it?

Programme 2
Mick Peelo is joined by Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn and other guests to talk about the changing shape of primary education in Ireland and the place of religion in the classroom.

Programme 3
Mick Peelo and a panel of special guests discuss the place of marriage in Irish society.

Programme 4
Mick Peelo and guests look at the internationally contentious issue of blasphemy.


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