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Beyond Belief

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Beyond Belief

Ever since he can remember, Mick Peelo has been interested in Faith and Spirituality, especially in the things people do and believe that give their lives meaning and purpose.

Mick has a degree in Theology and spent five years teaching in a Dublin secondary school before he came to RTÉ in 1992.

He began his broadcasting career as a Presenter and Reporter with a new RTÉ series called Would You Believe? Today, WYB is the longest running documentary series on RTÉ Television and Mick is now the face and voice of the series. Mick also presented the first series of Beyond Belief in 2012.

Apart from Religious Programmes, Mick has worked across a broad range of other programming for RTÉ. A small sample of this work includes:

  • Rebellion - an historical documentary series on the 1798 Rebellion;
  • Summer Pride - a series exploring the passion for all things GAA;
  • For Better or Worse - a ground-breaking series on marital breakdown;
  • Flesh and Blood - a series showing how families shape our identity.

Mick's award-winning programmes include the following:

  • Passion for Life (2000) - Best Worship Programme, European Festival of Religious Programmes
  • Cardinal Secrets (2003) - Best News & Current Affairs Programme, Irish Film and Television Awards.
  • Last Judgement (2007) - Best News & Current Affairs Documentary, European Festival of Religious Programmes.
  • My Father's House (2010) - Special Category Award, European Festival of Religious Programmes.
  • Cardinal Secrets exposed the manner in which the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin covered-up the sexual abuse of children by the Catholic Clergy. This programme led to the Murphy Report in 2010.

Mick is married with 4 children aged 23 years down to 7 years. His interests include all kinds of music, wine and hill-walking.

Mick's facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/mick.peelo and you can find him on twitter at http://twitter.com/mickpeelowyb

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