Behind Closed Doors


Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors


In the fifth programme in the highly regarded series, RTE political correspondent David McCullagh examines newly-released official documents and pieces together the secret picture of 1978 through Government eyes.

It includes interviews with key participants and archive footage with original material from state archives in Dublin, London and Belfast.

The year began with a major row between Ireland and Britain over remarks by Jack Lynch on an RTÉ radio programme.

It was also the year of huge protests at plans to build offices on the site of the ancient Viking settlement at Wood Quay and more protests over plans to build a nuclear power station at Carnsore.

The Irish pound was born in a historic break with the UK pound sterling and the H Block protests began to worry politicians in Dublin and London.


Six One 2 Jan 2009 Watch clip

David reports that the British state papers from 1978 cast fresh light on military policy in Northern Ireland

Six One 1 Jan 2009 Watch clip

David reveals that contraceptives and Viking remains at Wood Quay were among the issues that Government had to deal with in 1978

Six One 31 Dec 2009Watch clip

David reports that the files also show that Unionists attempted to wring concessions out of the British Prime Minister in return for keeping him in power

Six One 30 Dec 2009Watch clip

David reports the Government considered ending free secondary education and decided against the purchase of a Government jet


David McCullagh, Behind Closed Doors:

 Morning Ireland 30 Dec 2009 Eleanor Burnhill looks back at domestic and international stories from 1978

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