Behind Closed Doors


Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

Using extensive and rarely seen footage from the RTE library, newly released papers from state archives in Dublin, Belfast and London, and interviews with some of those most closely involved, Behind Closed Doors offers a fresh look at what really went on in the corridors of power in 1974.

Sunningdale: Watch clip

1974 began well - a power-sharing executive took office in Northern Ireland on New Year's Day, the result of the Sunningdale Agreement of the previous year. But the Executive was to come crashing down in the face of a determined strike by loyalist workers, as the British Government failed to intervene decisively.

Dublin / Monaghan Bombings: Watch clip

The violence would spill over into Dublin and Monaghan, in bombings that would produce the worst death toll of any single day during the Troubles.

Wealth Tax: Watch clip

Meanwhile, a worsening economic situation led to severe disagreement around the Cabinet table in Dublin, as Finance Minister Richie Ryan and Garret FitzGerald, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, battled over the introduction of a Wealth Tax.

Free Vote: Watch clip

And, for the first time ever, a Taoiseach voted against his own Government, when Liam Cosgrave went through the 'No' lobby to help defeat the Contraception Bill.


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