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Episode 8: Homebirth

Series 2

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NB: This programme has expired.

In episode 8, we focus on alternative birthing and pregnancy therapies. Grainne follows a midlands based couple that are about to have their fifth child, third homebirth. Their desire is to have a water birth and the mother plans to use the hypnobirthing technique during labour. Grainne also spends time with a pregnant woman who is exploring the benefits of alternative therapies to assist pain relief during pregnancy.


Marguerite Hannan and Paul Cannon

Marguerite and Paul live in Athlone and have 4 children ranging from 12 to 4 years old. The oldest two were born in hospital and the latter two, at home. Marguerite attempted a pool birth with the 4th child but the pool wasn't ready on time as things happened very quickly!

She really wants a water birth at home this time as this will probably be her last child. She is also keen to involve the whole family in the experience giving the other children a chance to see their baby sibling being born.

Marguerite teaches hypnobirthing and plans to use this technique to manage the pain, control her thoughts and her breathing. She plans to use a birthing pool to move around in to get into the best positions to manage the contractions and the labour.


Coirle McGlinchey

Coirle McGlinchey is 30 years old and 21 weeks pregnant with her first child. She lives in Stepaside, Dublin and is hoping for as natural a pregnancy and birth as possible. She is very interested in trying out alternative pain relief options as she doesn't want to take medication. We follow her as she attends an acupuncture session and pre-natal yoga and find out if these therapies are beneficial.








Marguerite, Hugo, Paul and Milo
Marguerite, Hugo, Paul and Milo
Hugo Hannon
Hugo Hannon
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