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Episode 7: Childcare

Series 2

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NB: This programme was only available for 21 days and has now expired.

In episode 7, we focus on childcare issues. Grainne spends time with two families, one based in rural Ireland and one based in Dublin. Both families have concerns regarding childcare, from finding a suitable available crèche or childminder to issues arising once they find the place. Grainne offers information and advice on where to start the childcare search and what a parent should be aware of and watching out for when looking for a place for their children.

Murphy O'Sullivan Family

Susan Murphy and Sean O' Sullivan live in Dublin and have a three month old daughter called Doireann. Susan is originally from Kilkenny and is currently a full time mum whilst Sean is from Kerry and works as a computer programmer. Susan is hoping to return to work in September but is concerned about finding childcare for their daughter.

Both parents have no idea what their options are when it comes to childcare and are concerned with finding the right environment for their daughter but at the right price. Susan is also worried about how she and Doireann will cope with this step as she hasn't left her daughter with anyone else before and is worried about how she will get on.


The Farrell Family

Linda and Fergal Farrell have 2 young boys: Brian who is 22 months and Colin who is 10 months. Linda is a nurse and works nights while Brian is a labourer and works during the day. Linda is keen to get the boys to settle into nursery while she is at work but she has experienced a few problems with Brian getting upset at nursery and not eating.

Brian was born prematurely and has had some difficulties since birth with lactose intolerance. He seems to have a fear of food because of the bad experiences he had with getting sick when he was younger. This means he won't eat all day at the nursery and will only take food from his mother or father. His baby brother on the other hand is getting on fine and both parents are keen to help Brian settle in to nursery as well as his brother Colin.








Susan and Baby Doireann
Susan and Baby Doireann
Linda and son, Brian
Linda and son, Brian
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