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Episode 6: Behaviour/Development

Series 2

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NB: This programme was only available for 21 days and has now expired.

Family 1: Ali Oliver

Ali Oliver is 25 and lives in Dublin with her two boys Josh and Leon. Leon is 3 and has problems with his speech which means that most people can't understand what he is trying to say and Ali and Josh end up translating for him. Leon's behaviour is also a concern of Ali's as he tends to be very demanding, throws tantrums and doesn't play well with his older brother.

Ali's partner and father to her youngest son died two years ago unexpectedly leaving a big hole in all of their lives. Josh is now 8 and has attended 'Rainbows' which is a centre that helps with child bereavement but is still struggling to come to terms with the death and Ali herself is also struggling and concerned about how she can support the boys through this.


Family 2: Mary & John Morris

Mary and John Morris live in Limerick with their 3 boys Josh, Ben and Kyle. Josh is 11 and Ben and Kyle are 3 year old twins. John works in IT and is away from home a lot leaving full time mum Mary to take care of the boys on her own.

Mary is concerned that the kids are running rings around her and always getting their own way. She is struggling with the twins as they are both seeking her attention constantly and Ben is a bit of a bully to his brother Kyle.

When dad is around things are a bit easier as there are two pairs of hands but Mary wants advice on how to deal with situations on her own when John is away.








Leon and Josh Oliver
Leon and Josh Oliver
Ben and Kyle Morris
Ben and Kyle Morris
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