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Episode 4: Hospital Birth

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Labour Information

3 Stages of Labour

  • The first stage of labour, lasts from the first regular painful contraction until the cervix dilates to10 centimetres.
  • The second stage is the actual pushing out and birth of the baby
  • The third is the delivery of the placenta and membranes


Induction is when your labour is started artificially before you go into spontaneous labour.

Induction can involve three stages...

  • First a pessary is inserted to ripen the cervix
  • Then the waters or membranes are broken
  • Finally an oxytocin drip is attached to Mum... to increase contractions

Reasons for induction...

  • Your waters have broken but labour isn't starting
  • That the baby is no longer thriving in the womb
  • That the mother has a pre-existing medical condition that demands it.
  • Or like Blainagh you've passed your due date


An Epidural is a regional nerve block

  • Anaesthetic is given through a needle into the epidural space in the spine
  • It numbs the lower part of the body significantly reducing pain
  • Timing is important; you should be dilated to at least 3 centimetres, but no more than 8, as at that stage most of the work is done.

Established Labour

Established labour is taking place when you are having contractions that are

  • intensifying in strength
  • lasting about 45 seconds and increasing
  • and occurring at shorter intervals...


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Blainagh and new baby
Blainagh and new baby
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