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Tips for Baby Massage:
By Saffron Hennigan (C.I.M.I.)

Do a patch test on the skin of baby 24hrs before you start massage. Organic Olive Oil is a nice oil to use and can be bought in supermarkets or health shops.

Many parents massage the baby on a bed or changer. The room should be warm so baby is comfortable when you take clothes off.

Remove any sharp jewellery before you begin.

Most parents find massage is best done 20 mins after baby has eaten and before or after bath. Babies often sleep better after a bath and massage.

Here are some basic strokes to begin with:

Legs - Stroke down each leg from thigh to ankle, swapping hands as you go.
Massage the sole of the foot by making little circles with your thumb. Then stroke from ankle up to thigh.

Tummy - For colic or wind massage your baby in a clockwise direction on the soft part of the tummy, under the ribcage. Do not massage anti-clockwise or you will make the problem worse. Follow with bicycle legs.

Arms - Stroke down each arm from shoulder to wrist, swapping hands as you go. Massage the palm of the hand and fingers. Then stroke from wrist up to shoulder.

Back - Stroke down the back from neck to feet.

If you feel your baby is not enjoying massage or does not want it, leave it for another day. Massage should be a nice activity for baby so don't force it.

You can find a qualified massage instructor in your area by contacting or Saffron for the Ranelagh and Stillorgan area at or 087 991 2945


Useful Contacts:

Saffron Kirwan
087 991 2945

Yoga Dublin
Dartmouth Place,
Dublin 6.
(01) 675 9860








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