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Episode 3: Newborn

Series 2

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NB: This programme was only available for 21 days and has now expired.

In episode 3, Gráinne addresses newborn baby issues.

She spends time with two families, one based in Dublin and other based in Wicklow, each with different concerns - breastfeeding and expressing, colic, diet, caesarean sections, caring for your newborn and introducing your toddler to your new arrival.


Kim and Marco Briolini

Kim and Marco Briolini have been living in Dublin for 1 year, having moved to Ireland from America. The couple have an 8 week old daughter called Umma whom Kim stays at home to look after. Kim is American and previously worked as an architect and Marco is Argentinean and is a financial controller.

Marco works long days which means that Kim spends a lot of time caring for Umma on her own; with no family living in Ireland, she finds this tough at times. Kim is breastfeeding Umma and is concerned primarily about her colic which she has had since birth as well as general newborn issues such as breastfeeding and diet.


Darren and Elaine Ash

Darren and Elaine Ash live in Co Wicklow and have a 22 month old son called Ceadan and a newborn baby called Ciaran who was born by caesarean section in June of this year.

They are wondering how they will cope with two young children. The couple have got into a good routine with their first child who is now sleeping well through the night and feeding well too. They are concerned about being able to keep up the routine with the arrival of the new child and are also worried about issues around sibling rivalry with the new arrival now taking some of the attention away from their first child.








Kim and Marco Briolini with Baby Umma
Kim and Marco Briolini with Baby Umma
Darren and Elaine Ash with Caedan and Baby Ciaran
Darren and Elaine Ash with Caedan and Baby Ciaran
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