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Episode 2: Diet

Series 2

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NB: This programme was only available for 21 days and has now expired.

In episode 2, Gráinne addresses the important issue of diet.

She spends time with a family from Cork who have three children, each with different dietary concerns - allergies, weight and reflux.

Along with the advice of dietary and medical experts, Baby on Board will explore the importance of getting things right from the beginning, when it comes to babies and food.


Kathleen and Thomas O'Toole

Kathleen and Thomas O'Toole live in Douglas Co Cork. They have 3 children; David, 7, Mark, 4 and Grace, 5 months old. Kathleen is a full time mum and Thomas works as an IT Programme Analyst.

Kathleen has concerns about baby Grace's reflux which she has had since birth; she is also worried about Mark's weight and David's allergies. The boys also suffer from asthma and Kathleen and Thomas need advice on how best to manage this condition as well as their dietary needs.

With such a busy schedule, time management is an added concern that Kathleen and Thomas need help with. The stress of running the household, doing school runs, managing diets and having a little baby are beginning to take their toll.








The O'Toole Family
The O'Toole Family
Kathleen and Grace
Kathleen and Grace
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