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Episode 1: Sleep

Series 2

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NB: This programme was only available for 21 days and has now expired.

In episode 1, Gráinne tackles the tiresome issue of sleep.

She spends time with two families who are suffering extreme sleep deprivation and desperately need help with establishing better bedtime routines for their toddlers.

Suggesting two different methods, Gráinne helps both families with getting their children out of their beds and into their own cots while cutting down on nighttime feeding.


Family 1: Jenna & Stephen Richardson

Jenna and Stephen Richardson live in Knock, Co Mayo. They are both in their early 20's and moved to Ireland from England, 3 years ago. Their son Lewis is 11 months old. Stephen is a restaurant supervisor and Jenna is a full time mum who is breastfeeding.

Lewis doesn't like being left alone for any length of time and Jenna doesn't want to let him cry for any length of time. He sleeps with his parents and ideally they would like Lewis to sleep in his own cot but he stills feeds so regularly during the night. This situation has had an impact on Jenna and Stephen's relationship as they are unable to spend any time alone together and Jenna is simply exhausted from the lack of sleep.


Family 2: Emma & Abdul Quyyum

Emma and Abdul have been married for 2 and a half years and their toddler Yasmine is 19 months old. Emma is originally from Dublin and Abdul from Pakistan. They both now live in Portlaoise where Emma is a full time mum and Abdul is seeking work, having recently been made unemployed.

They are desperate for help as Yasmine has never slept straight through the night. It can take Emma and Abdul up to four hours to get her to sleep. She will never sleep in her own cot and wakes up regularly to consume four bottles throughout the night.








Jenna and Stephen
Jenna and Stephen
Emma, Yasmine and Abdul
Emma, Yasmine and Abdul
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