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  • Communication - When a partner calls from work to see how the new mother and baby are coping and they get a 'F.I.N.E.' back, this is what she's really trying to tell them: 'I'm frustrated, irritable, neurotic and emotional. Please come home now.. '
  • Problem solving is the key to getting along when you have your baby and negotiation is very important.
  • Communication is not what you say but what the other person hears in what you said as words can depress or uplift a new mother. Always remember to think - is what you are about to say or do to me going to bring us closer together or further apart. New mothers are hormonally in a mess when they come home with a baby, partners should think before they say something which might upset them.
  • Unconditional love
    Your child will give you unconditional love, whereas your partner's love can be conditional on you being in good form, looking well, casserole coming out of the oven, etc. If you snap at your child - he'll be back looking for a hug but if you snap at your husband, you'll probably get a vision without sound day
  • Try not to have vision without sound days. Remember there's a lot of silence in the graveyard and there's no dress rehearsals in this life
  • 100 years from now it will not matter where you live, what kind of house you live in, how many cars you have, etc. The world will be a different place if you spend twice as much time and half as much money with your child.
  • The road to happiness and success for our children is usually paved by our example.
  • Mind your children - remember they will choose your nursing home
  • The trouble with children is they are not returnable
  • Overtime - A lot of couples strive to get things that they want but don't need and are therefore cash rich but time poor. Generally a baby can only sleep in one bed at a time - ask yourself do you need to move house, extend etc. Don't end up the richest couple in the graveyard.
  • Leisure guilt - Don't suffer from it, enjoy your time off as a couple. You need to spend time together.
  • A lot of people say that 'If they only knew then what they do now, they would change the way they lived their lives' Making a living is not making a life. We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.'
  • A lot of people are conditioned to value their contribution to society exclusively in terms of their jobs but you need to ask yourself 'Who would you be if that was taken away from you?' Spend time with your child.. tell them bedtime stories, go to their nativity play, practice matches and give them a hug when your child does not make the team
  • If parents go to each other spent, there will be little to enjoy. Do spontaneous things for one another. Go on a date together and enjoy your time together.
  • Your baby is a miracle but also a gift, challenge, life long commitment and a daunting experience but always remember - You are privileged as a couple to be pregnant!

Parentline helpline number - 1890 927277

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