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Episode 8: Coping with twins

Carol and Les Craine

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Les and Carol Craine live in Walkinstown, Dublin with their four children: 4 year old Lara is the eldest, Ben has just turned three and twin brothers Jay and Oliver were born 10 months ago. Carol & Les met in Crete 10 years ago where Carol was working for the summer and they have been married for 7 years.

The main concerns the family have are that the twins wake up constantly throughout the night. On a really good night they would be up 3 time, generally it is 5 - 10 times and there is nothing cute about being continuously woken up during the night.

Lack of sleep isn't the only problem Les and Carol have had to deal with. Ben doesn't appear to be too affected by the twins' arrival, but, more recently, he has started to show some unusual behaviour in the form of a picky eater and a mild stammer.

Les and Carol are turning to midwife and parenting coach Doreen Buckley to see can she draw on her experience to give them some useful tips... and maybe even a solution!

We also follow the family as they bring Ben to a speech therapist for an assessment and general speech guidance for a young child.








 Les and Carol with Jay & Oliver
Les and Carol with Jay & Oliver
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