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Episode 7: Balancing family life

Zeenat and Zaheed Manjoo

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Breech Presentation

This describes a baby who is coming out bottom first. About 2% of all babies assume a bottom first position at the end of pregnancy. Breech presentation is more common in early pregnancy, with the baby frequently turning into the correct position without intervention. It is also more common in women who have been pregnant before. If the baby remains in the breech position, the doctor may try to turn it right way round (external cephalic version) at around week 35-37. If this fails to work, delivery may be done by caesarean section.

Caesarean Section

As an operation, caesarean section is a very common, safe and painless procedure. Your baby will be delivered through an incision across the bottom of your abdomen. It is usually done under spinal anaesthetic, you can be awake for the birth, your partner can be present and you should make a quick recovery.








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