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Episode 7: Balancing family life

Zeenat and Zaheed Manjoo

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Zaheed and Zeenat Manjoo and their 1 year old son Ziyaad moved to Doolin Co Clare about 3 months ago.

The teenage sweethearts married at home in Mauritius two years ago and baby Ziyaad quickly followed.

Zeenat was in Mauritius when she found out she was pregnant. Due to her irregular menstrual cycle, the then nineteen year old didn't receive confirmation of her pregnancy until very late in the day. Zaheed was in UK trying to sort out a job/ life for them. Once she found out about the pregnancy she joined her husband.

Ziyaad was born in an East London hospital by C-Section. He was 39 weeks and a breech baby.

Because Zaheed works a very long week as a chef in a busy kitchen in Doolin, it's hard for him to find time and energy to spend with his wife and son. Zeenat on the other hand spends all of her time at home alone with Ziyad and takes the lion's share of the baby responsibilities, day and night, and it's beginning to take its toll on her. Zeenat's fatigue is mainly down to a simple lack of sleep. Ziyad has become so clingy that he demands constant physical contact with his mum and refuses to stay in his cot.

Midwife and parenting coach, Doreen Buckley offered them tips to help them solve some of their parenting problems and redress the balance in their family life. The family also try some complimentary therapy to see if that helps calm baby Ziyaad.








Zeenat and Zaheed
Zeenat and Zaheed
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